Rumor: a faster Veyron on the way

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    The struggle to create the fastest production car on the planet will probably last forever. Since Bugatti presented its Supersport and competitor SSC showed its Ultimate Aero TT a new level of top speed has been rumoured.

    Rumour says that the next Veyron will be even faster, 27km/h (17mph) to be precise. Power for the new Veyron would have to top at least 1,200bhp to make the 432km/h (270mph) target speed possible. Additionally, we would expect all-wheel drive, a dual-clutch gearbox, and turbocharging to remain within the setup.

    The new looks of the second generation Veyron is unsure but we don’t expect to see any major design changes. First concept should be ready by early 2013 with official presentation later the same year.
  2. Can't decide if I like those renders or not
  3. Easy to decide if we like you or not.

    We don't.
  4. Easy to decide if we like you or not.

    We don't.
  5. Waaaaah! Waaaah! Boo hooooooo!
  6. wtf?
  7. the rear end on that render looks so nice... but the front needs to be more radical or different than the current one? maybe.
  8. I only care about how fast the Veyron after this one will be.
  9. They should just aim for 300mph.
  10. Futile: The Dagger GT will beat them to the punch :D
  11. Why do they lose money on every one??? Seems like they should just charge whatever it takes to break even. With their customer base I don't think it would make shit all of difference in sales.

    Also, wow. Speeds like that are just insane. I can't even comprehend what traveling in a automobile at 270 would be like.
  12. They'd have to more than double the price. That WOULD affect sales.
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    what the shit is that piss poor effort of a render?

    if there is one thing i can categorically guarantee it is that it will look nothing like that
  14. A clever marketing decision there.
  15. Nice... they took a very ugly Veyron and made it less ugly
  16. They should take the Veyron powertrain and dress it into a sub 1400kg LMP chassis.

    but we are not going to see this happen <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  17. I don't think that's going to happen. They may very well use the basic chassis but the whole design will have to be drastically redone in order to achieve a higher top speed. The weight issue isn't that relevant, the Veyron's top speed is essentially drag-limited.

    Anyone recalls the story in which they tried to change the placement of the rearview mirrors in order to reduce drag but as soon as they did it, the simulations showed it were exactly them that were keeping the front end fronm lifting off?

    I honnestly don't believe the car will look anything like that.
  18. Yeah like that is ever going to happen.
  19. its funny how yall are making such a big deal of 270, when several american tuners are closing in on hitting that in 1 mile.
  20. Huge difference between road legal supercar and standing mile warriors with the boost jacked up to 40psi for about ten minutes.
  21. yup, they are lighter, faster, better looking, less expensive.
  22. They are also useless for a longer distance than a mile.
  23. Can't wait to see one go air born. Of course I hope the driver is ok, but I really can't wait to see one of these disintegrate.
  24. Yup, and they can't take corners nor handle if not on a perfectly straight and levelled asphalt... in one word, useless.
  25. is it gonna be faster than the SANG noir

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