Rumore Rumore on the next "F60"...

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    ...or whatever you want to call it.

    Italiaspeed's member "Ferrari Super Enzo" has just posted this here , and I thought this might be interesting to you, though I know there's no way to check the credibility of this. It's interesting to the very least. These are his words:

    "With that I bring news of Ferrari's next wave of cars, the Ferrari F60 is a go, and will if everything will continue on course be ready for a late 2007 release, not as many have thought as late as 2010, the car that will make it's debut at that time will be a successor to the Enzo( which as I have heard it, was much like the rebirth of the Ferrari limited edition supercars, such as the likes the 288 GTO). This car will not follow or feature an evolutionary body style from the Enzo and FXX, it will instead carry a new bolder and eye popping shape that will instantly grab your attention. As I have heard it, this car will be designed by Jason Castriota, the same man that is responsible for the 599GTB Fiorano, the Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina's designs. So we all can imagine the beauty this car will show to the world. The new V-12 has been bench tested since the FXX project started, and will be lighter, and more compact for it's displacement of close to 7.0 liters. The engine as I have heard it has been revved to 10,000 RPM's, but I figure closer to 9,500 RPM's making a bench tested BHP output of 850 BHP. There was even rumors in Italy that the next Ferrari supercar was to carry high revving V-8, but that has been proven false, that engine is destined for the F430 successor, and the engine will displace 5.4 liters and make a much talked about 550-600 BHP, and will feature alot of the racing technology that Ferrari has learned from it's racing programs including F1, the GT series, FXX, and the Ferrari F430 Stradale programs, to make these cars more aerodynamic at speed, as well as more emotional to look at. Ferrari is also rumored to be working on a new Dino, and could very well be true, but if this is, Ferrari will not sale this car under the Ferrari nameplate, it will be it's own nameplate, much like thre original car was. Ferrari has just released an offical first talks of it's:"insertable 4x4" system for it's sportcars. This speaks alot about the rumors of Ferrari considering this 4x4 system for the F60, and this is very possible, even though I have to doubt it. My news comes from me being at the Ferrari factory just recently and asking questions about this car. They mentioned that the car is at the very least designed at this stage, but they wouldn't give anymore then that. I talked with Dario Benuzzi( Ferrari's test driver), and he said the car was going to have to go through his extreme testing method before we could see this car, and if he says that I have to trust it will be truly extreme to drive. I enjoyed my tour around the factory, and I heard plenty of talks about future cars, and it was great news, but out of respect to the company I will leave it at this for now."
  2. It all sounds very nice.

    But we'll just have to wait untill Ferrari brings it out...
  3. I think I am going to looove the F60. Hope so at least. The F50 had nothing on the F40, let's see if the F60 can change anything. I definitely love the fact that it will rev like that... I'm a bit worried that 850bhp is a bit much, but I'm sure Ferrari know what they're doing.
  4. damn, 850 hp naturally aspirated with only 7 liters and 9,500 rpm... engineering at it's finest for a road car
  5. That would be 200 bhp more 12 years after BMW made the F1 LM's engine with 668.0 bhp @ 7800 rpm, so seeing it like that, and taking into the regard the horsepowerrace we've seen since the 2000's,
    it's only a 'logical stap'.
  6. F50 was still an awesome car though
  7. 9,500/10,000 rpm? thats not street legal in the US. it has to be less than that.
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  9. Because there are laws on how high an engine can rev.
  10. i think the max is 9,000 rpm.
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  12. I didn't say it wasn't. I just said (truthfully) that the F40 is better than the F50.
  13. #$%#ing wow.
  14. holy #$%#..

    um, the Honda S2000 revs up to 9500rpm redline... and practially EVERY SINGLE sports bike revs higher than 10,000
  15. what?
  16. How about you take a guess what you said that was incredibly stupid?
  17. nope... i just went to a honda dealer this year, the guy said , "the redline on an s2000 is 9000". bikes? thats not the same. they can rev as much as they want. the laws are not the same.
  18. why not? cops dont want to run after cars that have a 12,000 rpm redline. plus, emissions
  19. hahhahha
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  21. whatever. the 1999 s2000 2.0L had a max rev speed of just 9000 rpm. take it or not.
  22. Ohhh, that explains why the S2000 was road legal, because if it had a 9500 rpm it would have been illegal.
  23. huh? im am stupid. becuase, im lost.
  24. okay i was wrong, but that doesn't mean you're not an idiot.
  25. There is no law directly regulating redline of an engine.

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