Rumore Rumore on the next "F60"...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by naranhito, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. yes, what is so wrong with me believing cars have governing systems? you do know that most car pursuits exceed speed limtis? you do know about government regulations, right?
  2. Just stop.
  3. holy #$%#. stop!
  4. ill prefer it more near to a p4/5 than to a 599, btw i just can't wait to see it!
  5. wow... ok. i wasnt trying to start again or anything. i did more searching and it looks like youre right. i was just defeding myself. because i thought i was right. im just trying not to let people piss on me for it after taking it back.
  6. The F50 looks less dated and is naturally aspirated with more horsepower and a higher rpm, and better interior, and sounds better. I think Id have to take it
  7. never heard the sound but the f40 it's strange/good <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A> btw i prefer the f40 over a f50
  8. ahahahahaha, this is getting sigged
  9. I'd have the F50 over any modern Ferrari
  11. I know its from Italiaspeed, but from whom? Anyone credible?

    Anyway I highly doubt it.
  12. I have no doubts it'll be a fantastic car to drive, but the real question will it look good?
  13. 50cc's at 16,000 RPM!? JESUS #$%#! CALL IN AN AIRSTRIKE!
  14. A member registered in Nov '05 with 4 posts. I said "I know there's no way to check the credibility of this" <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. usually autobild photoshops things that i think are better than what the given company actually comes out with. but this example seems a little sloppy with the 599gtb front side fender vent, wheels and rear headlights stolen (and mounted enzo style) and then the p4/5 cosmetic ceramic exhaust and rear window un tinted all slapped on todays enzo with the rear and back side window unalligned Im not as impressed as usual. Im sure ferrari will make something tottally different like someone said the f40 isnt the f50 and enzo isnt the f50 (f50gt and bolide)why should the code name f60 be anything like the enzo (fxx and p4/5). But as long as its faster better looking and more red than any other ferrari before it im satisfied.
  16. But they do want to run after cars that can go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds (Carrera GT, Enzo, Benz SLR, Saleen S7TT, Viper, Z06, etc. etc.) or cars that have a 200 mph+ top speed (Carrera GT, Enzo, S7TT, etc. etc. etc.)? ha ha ha ha

    "Plus emissions." Like the 10 mpg Hummer H2s?
  17. Like the 7mpg Veyrons? Like the 4mpg L88s?

    Not kidding, met a guy who owned one in 67/68 when they were new, sold it later, had had new carbs and headers done, had it dynoed at 590bhp, had the 4speed manual that went to 60 in first, and ran it on C16 and or 104 unleaded. He got 4mpg combined highway and city commute.
  18. Holy Sweet Jesus.
  19. Yes
  21. This super enzo dude is the same as this dude on ferrari chat :

    Originally Posted by FERRARI F60
    With that I bring news of Ferrari's next wave of cars, the Ferrari F60 is a go, and will if everything will continue on course be ready for a late 2007 release, not as many have thought as late as 2010, the car that will make it's debut at that time will be a successor to the Enzo( which as I have heard it, was much like the rebirth of the Ferrari limited edition supercars, such as the likes the 288 GTO). This car will not follow or feature an evolutionary body style from the Enzo and FXX, it will instead carry a new bolder and eye popping shape that will instantly grab your attention. As I have heard it, this car will be designed by Jason Castriota, the same man that is responsible for the 599GTB Fiorano, the Ferrari P4/5 Pininfarina's designs. So we all can imagine the beauty this car will show to the world. The new V-12 has been bench tested since the FXX project started, and will be lighter, and more compact for it's displacement of close to 7.0 liters. The engine as I have heard it has been revved to 10,000 RPM's, but I figure closer to 9,500 RPM's making a bench tested BHP output of 850 BHP. There was even rumors in Italy that the next Ferrari supercar was to carry high revving V-8, but that has been proven false, that engine is destined for the F430 successor, and the engine will displace 5.4 liters and make a much talked about 550-600 BHP, and will feature alot of the racing technology that Ferrari has learned from it's racing programs including F1, the GT series, FXX, and the Ferrari F430 Stradale programs, to make these cars more aerodynamic at speed, as well as more emotional to look at. Ferrari is also rumored to be working on a new Dino, and could very well be true, but if this is, Ferrari will not sale this car under the Ferrari nameplate, it will be it's own nameplate, much like thre original car was. Ferrari has just released an offical first talks of it's:"insertable 4x4" system for it's sportcars. This speaks alot about the rumors of Ferrari considering this 4x4 system for the F60, and this is very possible, even though I have to doubt it. My news comes from me being at the Ferrari factory just recently and asking questions about this car. They mentioned that the car is at the very least designed at this stage, but they wouldn't give anymore then that. I talked with Dario Benuzzi( Ferrari's test driver), and he said the car was going to have to go through his extreme testing method before we could see this car, and if he says that I have to trust it will be truly extreme to drive. I enjoyed my tour around the factory, and I heard plenty of talks about future cars, and it was great news, but out of respect to the company I will leave it at this for now.

    He's full of shit . I was at the factory in April 06 and no one would comment on the F60..It hasnt been designed yet etc...

  22. I trust menace over this flake by a mile.

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