Rumored future Lamborghini model lineup

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    A member at Teamspeed has released initial information showing the future model line-up of Automobili Lamborghini. The complete planning for the upcoming years shows a nice number of models to be revealed between now and 2021. Of course, this information is still preliminary and not confirmed, but you could use it as a guideline while linking it to future developments and releases.

    2011 will be the year that the LP700-4 Aventador is hitting the streets and the LP550-2 Spyder is introduced at the IAA 2011. For 2012 the Italians are planning the roadster of the Aventador and the handover of the Sesto Elemento to limited amount of buyers. 2013 will be all about the Gallardo replacement, 2014 sees the Estoque four-door sedan and the Gallardo replacement Spyder. A year later you can expect the LP700-4 Super Veloce and the Estoque convertible. According to the forum member, 2016 will be the year of the LP700-4 coupe and roadster facelift. 2018 sees the Gallardo replacement facelift and 2019 sees the LP700 Jota. The year 2020 will include the release of the Estoque sedan/convertible facelift and an Estoque coupe concept. Finally, the 2021 sees the LP700-4 replacement and the Estoque coupe.

    On the subject of the Aventador, the company debuts the roadster a year later. The roadster features a carbon fiber, multi-piece top that mounts to hidden hardpoints on the chassis and stores flatpack-style in the boot. Two-years later they add the Aventador SV, which loses 150kg over the standard car, through the usual carbon interior and general lightening, and gains 50hp and a big carbon fiber wing. The SV will be a 2015 model-year only run, limited to 350 cars. In 2016 the Aventador coupe and roadster get a facelift and the SV engine upgrades to become the LP750-4. The styling tightens up the rear end with a new diffuser, full-width mesh grill and redesigned tail lights. The front-end gets wider grill openings, and new contour to the nose.

    The final encore of the Aventador debuts in 2019 with the LP850-4 Jota. Utilizing cast carbon-silicate materials for the gearbox cases, differential housings and some carbon fiber suspension pieces, the Jota weighs 250kg lighter than the standard car, and 100kg lighter than the SV, while putting out a full 100hp more than the facelifted standard car. The Jota will be a 2019 model-year only limited run of fifty cars and the final Aventador.
  2. In the future there will be lighter and more powerful models of the Aventador. Yes I agree.
  3. Sounds like made up bullshit
  5. Who made this up?
  6. Panda Beat
  7. you did
  9. if this came from official resource, then how come they forgot that lambo will celebrate its 50th anni in 2013 ???
  10. Wow we agree on something.

    All of it sounds like made up BS because Lamborghini has no money and is not turning enough profit to plan that far ahead for anything.

    The true word is if the Aventador doesn't sell well over the next 3 years it will NOT be a Gallardo replacement & Audi may sell them off.
  11. Sounds like bullshit
  12. The kind of bullshit that can only come from a Ferrari fangirl
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  15. There are a few raging rich boys out there
  16. close your hole. haaaaagggggbarf.
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    Not to the chairman of Volkswagen.

    16th of March 2011

    Volkswagen Boosts Sales While Bentley and Lamborghini Are Down

    The German conglomerate reviewed its performances from last year and seems to have reached a conclusion. Mother ship Volkswagen brand had one of the best years in history. Although some struggled with the economic crisis, the Germans sold 7.2 million units worldwide and had a perfect financial score. Volkswagen made nearly $10 billion, making this the most profitable year in its history. Not the same can be said about its "kids" Bentley and Lamborghini, as the two brands lost money all year round.

    Italian manufacturer Lambo received a hard punch last year mainly due to the economic crisis. It seems that the full-pocket blokes turned their attention from the exotic super car and went for a more German approach, choosing Porsche and Mercedes for their $150,000+ mechanical investments. Italians had their sales blacked out too, going down 14% and creating a $10 million hole in their expected revenue.

    Bentley, the Volkswagen-owned British luxury brand, also experienced rough terrain lately. Although enjoying an 11% increase two years ago, last year was less than satisfying, as extensive upgrade and development costs took their tow on the profit. Down by $342 million, the British company struggles after the new models don’t seem to bring enough customers.

    Lamborghini and Bentley are not the only German-owned brands that had their profit chewed lately, as Seat also encountered problems. The Spanish carmaker registered a $434 million loss due to operational costs and they don’t seem to get their head straight as financial predictions don’t look bright.

    Volkswagen, however, doesn’t seem to worry that much. The world appears to recover from the economic decline and that means more money for cars. Lamborghini will eventually resurface mainly thanks to the Aventador model, while Bentley... well, they’re British, so they’ll figure something out.
  18. Lamborghini CONTINUE to post record poor performances for VW

    Posted: Mar 15, 2011
    VW has certainly been enjoying record sales and profits as of late, but all is not well. Bentley, Seat, and Lamborghini, all brands of German automaker, are continually posting record poor performances. VW said at its annual investor’s conference today, that 2010 was ‘the most successful year’ in its history, having sold 7.2 million units and realizing an operating profit of 7.1 billion euros.

    Bentley saw a widening operating loss last year, having lost a total of 245 million euros in operation, despite a rise in units sold to 5,117. Seat, a Spanish subsidiary of the company, had a slight recover, as it narrowed its operating loss to 311 million euros, and saw a .08% increase in sales. It is unclear how much Lamborghini lost, but sales fell 14 percent to 1,302 units, and revenues fell by 10 million euros to 271 million.

    CEO Martin Winterkorn remains upbeat however, as he says the company can always count on Audi and VW, as well as its Czech subsidiary Skoda for solid, productive numbers. He is optimistic about Seat, Lambo, and Bentley individually, however.

  20. the true word is that you're a FAG
  21. The Estoque is a great plan, I remember that the Espada was their best seller for ages. They should've pushed it earlier IMO.

    As for Lamborghini lacking the funds, weren't all lambos audi's ? Isn't Audi doing great ?

    -it will however lack the racing pedigree of a 4wd shooting break
  22. Of course that is the key question. The answer is no. Volkswagen isn't stupid and they aren't going to throw their money away. The Aventador is sold out because of styling. Styling wears off real quick. Murcielago sales dropped to near nothing 3 or 4 years after it came out. The Gallardo carried them because it was between 180 and 225k. The same thing will happen with the Aventador, probably faster the Murcielago's lines were a little different than the diablo but the aventador is nothing but a reventon with a countach rear. Its expensive as hell to produce an almost all carbon fiber car. Just watch the profit loss margin if these cars don't sell. If any of you think this design will be successful for 10 years you are just too much of a fan boy.

    by Scott C. Benjamin |

    ShareThis Buzz up!After record-breaking sales in 2008, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Automotive News that 2009 presents a “big challenge” for the company to remain profitable. He’s not kidding…Lamborghini’s sales numbers don’t look very good for the first two months of the year. In fact, Winkelmann said that sales are already off by “slightly less” than 40 percent in the early stages of 2009.

    Last year, despite the downward trend of the global economy, Lamborghini somehow managed to sell 2,430 units — a record year for the Italian luxury sports car company.

    A recent increase in order cancellations seems to be the trend. Customers are walking away from agreements right at the point where they would normally be picking up their new car at the dealership. Winkelmann said that the market is deteriorating so rapidly that some customers are even abandoning down payments just to avoid having to drive the car off of the dealer lot. Kind of make you wonder how much a down payment on a Lamborghini would be, doesn’t it?

    The good news for those still in the market for a new Lamborghini Gallardo is that waiting periods for these exotic machines has been reduced as a result of the low sales figures. For instance, if you ordered your car today, you could expect to wait just six months for it to arrive, compared to a 12-month wait. Or you can lease yourself a Gallardo for bargain prices for 3 years. The new Aventador is sold out for 12 months.

  23. Agreed with Iron Stallion.
  24. I did
  25. STFU!

    Lots of BS on that text. Not going to happen.

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