Rumormill: 2012 Mazda RX-9, real or fake?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by MindlessOath, Dec 29, 2007.

  2. i didn't think it was possible for you to fail even more than you already do, but somehow you've managed it
  4. Honestly, I see a relatively huge difference between the 512 and the 348. But then again, I love both cars and have no problem telling them apart.
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  6. It looks like a hatchback or a GT.

    RX-7 needs to be a swoopy, low two-seater.
  7. Too much speculation for me. I will be happy to wait till 2010 to get a better glimpse of what it is going to look like before passing judgment.
  8. Winner of the Stupidest Post Ever on Award. Congrats.
  9. Well it's not an RX-7...
  10. i like, grill needs rethinking tho
  11. The rear doesn't looks bad though.
  12. Considering they made the RX8 look nothing like the RX7, can't they just do the same with this new one?
  13. I like it.
  14. this rx9 thing is pretty good looking, but i don't think it's a suitable replacement for the rx7. it looks too much like a sportier rx8 than anything and i half expected flow design cues at least on the car replacing the legendary rx7... this car looks too forgettable in my opinion. it's not something that looks fast enough to buy for performance and it's not quite pretty enough to buy for looks. it's larger than what i expected it would be, so you wouldn't buy it to be a tuner or something like that, and since it's replacing the rx7 you're not going to buy it to haul people around. i hope it's just a photoshop
  15. +1
  16. I don't see why they'd bother: they need to keep improving the 2+2 RX-8 not introduce another model that's marginally lighter and significantly less practical.

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