Rumours link Villeneuve with Prodrive

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    Rumours link Villeneuve with Prodrive

    04/12/09 09:39

    Jacques Villeneuve's is the latest name linked with the rumours about Renault's future in Formula One.

    It was reported on Thursday that Prodrive may be close to agreeing a deal to take over the French carmaker's Enstone-based facility.

    It is now expected that Mangrove Capital Partners, involved with the driver management group Gravity Sport who have Jerez tester Ho-Pin Tung on their roster, is a part of the Renault/Prodrive deal.

    Tung drove a Gravity Racing International-entered Mosler MT900R in this year's 24 Hours of Spa, alongside Villeneuve.

    "We cannot comment on the Renault situation, but it is well known that our intention is to get into F1," a Prodrive spokesman said.

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  2. Oh hell no
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  5. Whoever posted this is a retard, Renault has already signed a deal with an equity firm to take over their facility, Prodrive has nothing to do with it. Prodrive is not racing in F1 next year.
  6. Just don't put him in an Aston at Le mans, he's a waste...
  7. read the above post. This thread is bullshit.

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