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  1. Taking the least credible? I linked him to where the very "credible" witness he mentioned recanted on if Kavanaugh was who she saw. In that very link, it shows how Dr. Ford was misleading. And what proof are you using that either of them are credible? So far it's 2 for 2 backing up Kavanaugh is telling the truth.
    No one is ignoring anything. You can't ignore proof that wasn't presented. And when did I say fake news? I posted news that refutes your opinion based assumptions. You're literally ignoring facts because your feelings don't agree. Putin would be proud of your fascism.
  2. The one that got the least attention by even sympathetic outlets
  3. The firing of Jeff Sessions, the removal of Rod Rosenstein from overseeing the Mueller investigation, and the placement of Whitaker - someone who has spoken at great length about different strategies to hamstring and potentially fire Mueller - the day after the midterms and 72 hours after the first whispers (including from the man himself) that Trump Jr. was an imminent target of indictment is an attack on the American rule of law.

    America's system of law and justice has been in a slow-burn for two years, and this is a Saturday Night Massacre. Doing this in a lame-duck Congress is not a mistake, either.

    If this is successful, it will no longer be correct to say the United States is a country where political power is subject to the rule of law. And, if anything, I am understating the significance of this. The United States is in a national emergency right now.
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  4. What is this referring to?
  5. The woman who said she made up her Kavanaugh accusation was not Ford, it was one of the women (dont remember her specific story) that was more outlandish/tenuous/not generally credible. She (rightfully) got the least attention from the media as well
  6. I didn't say it was. Two other accusers, not one (this is in the link so I know you didn't bother checking facts I posted.) admitted lying. Dr Ford presented witnesses who changed their story to say they don't remember seeing Kavanaugh doing this stuff. (Again, facts in the links I posted)
    So, again, I challenge you to prove who you are and where you work. I'm sure someone will have no issue calling your HR department to let them know you fondled them. Sure you'll know it's not true but, according to you; if the story is good enough, it's worth your company suspending you while they investigate. Put your money where your mouth is.
    Unless you have some actual evidence to back making Kavanaugh's life hell.
  7. Ford is pretty credible.
    No she cant prove it.
    Kavanaughs life isnt hell. if he didnt get confirmed hes a federal judge. You know whos life is hell? Ford, she had to leave her own house because of death threats. And that was entirely predictable. Do you still wonder why women dont like to come forward?

    What was proven was how much of a lying petulant emotional baby Kavanaugh was. Not fit for the supreme court, not fit for middle management even.

    What do you think the Devils triangle is? Drinking game right?
  8. How is Ford more credible than him?
    Lying baby? He had every right to be upset at false allegations.
    Also, she lied:
    It very well could be. Even your boy Vanilla Ice said he was a virgin.
    I mean a blow job couldn't possibly be a drink!
  9. And, again, if you don't think this is a problem for Kavanaugh, prove it and take my bet. Or, do you not really believe what you say?
  10. Its honestly really bad. I know I tend to write long posts, but there's so much going on that, despite their length, the two long posts I posted on the prior page I didn't even get to the point of arguing the case for Ford. I wrote about how false definitions of specific legal terms were used for partisan, political gain in the case in a way which hurts all victims of sexual assault (first post), and the other reality-distorting, fallacious, or revisionist techniques you see used (second post).

    The abuse of legal terms can be chalked up to ignorance (by the broader public, not the congressmen who propagate this nonsense), but there is a very real denial of epistemology. You can't even begin to have a discussion with someone like that: if someone claims the universe doesn't exist, you can never prove them wrong. It's just back two hundred years ago, that was a philosophical quandary you pondered to think about the nature of knowledge. Today it's a political strategy. And then these people have the audacity (Ben Shapiro being famous for it) to describe their thought process as 'facts over feelings'.
  12. I find Kavanaugh less credible because he intentionally lies about little things.
    Also he has everything to gain and not so much to lose. He wasnt going to lose his current job. He wasnt going to prison. What did he lose?
    Ford had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Was she going to go to the supreme court if she proved Kavanaugh was scum? No

    Read your article. Those arent lies so much as recounting a story from 30 years ago
    Again, the biggest problem is how Kavanaugh handled this. With feelings (not facts) like anger and self pity, and persisting with little lies
    Keep telling yourself the devils triangle is just a drinking game, its easier than having to reevaluate your team
  13. Nothing to lose? Uhm, the nomination. The threats made to him. The problems it caused with his family. You keep saying it doesn't affect him yet you won't take me up on my offer to prove your point.

    Lmao, yeah. Those aren't lies, she just isn't sure if what she's saying is correct. But, let's trust her anyway. Stalin would be proud.

    And she's gained plenty
    And being part of the Democratic party would be a good reason for her to help block him. She wouldn't be the first or second to try (see the other two accusations).
  14. any guesses on who individual 1 is
  15. Hillary's sentient emails.
  16. Q anon has been proven right again and again
    where we go 1 we go all
  17. Nothing significant today yet again. The nothingburger continues.
  18. This whole investigation has really run out of steam seems like they should have been investigating hillary and the dems all along!
    maybe try uranium 1 again
  19. The evidence leveled against Roger Stone was originally collected in the the execution of warrants concerning GRU operations in the United States (which themselves yielded 21 indictments against 12 individuals).

    Still waiting for something to come of this whole charade.

  20. meanwhile. the fbi: We investigated suspicious contacts with foreign intelligence by Americans, literally doing our jobs

    Republicans: HOW DARE THEY! A COUP!

    I'm ready for the 8 hour documentary in 5 years. Theres a ton of datapoints since 2016 that have come and gone that I can't remember that are surely connected
  21. who summarized it?
  22. hahaha.jpg But muh Russia!

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