RWD Impala coming in 2009

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    The General has been in desperate need of a rear-wheel drive sedan to compete with similarly equipped competitors. Thankfully, the great-granddaddy of them all, the Impala, will fill such a niche and finally return to its RWD roots in 2009.

    The new model will be based off the upcoming Camaro's platform, currently under development by the hoons at Holden in the land down under. The 2009 model will differentiate itself from the 2007 model in both length and width, providing more interior room and allowing the wheels to be pressed to the outer limits of the new sedan's body.

    The primary question that needs to be answered before production begins is whether the Impala will remain amongst the Camry's and Accord's of the world, or will move upmarket to limit competition with the newly redesigned Malibu. Considering the Malibu's growth and upgraded interior, there may be room for another price-point in Chevy's lineup.

    We're downright ecstatic that GM has seen fit to not only send the Impala's power to the rear wheels, but share a platform that will instill some desperately needed driving characteristics to its four-door sibling.

    [Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

    Half of this forum's dream fulfilled, right?
  2. Nice to know.
  3. Not a surprise.
  5. When it was first released, it should have been RWD in the first place.
  6. God some one help V8Stangman...
  7. he needs to go to the bathroom?
  8. As you no panda, all impalas have been FWD since the 60's..........
  9. WTF
  10. No one cares.
  11. srsly. wtf JSpencer.
  12. Listen to stangmans post. When it was first released, it should have been RWD in the first place. UM, it was rwd in the first place..
  13. since 1958, the impala was rwd it changed then in the 2000's.
  14. Shut the hell up, if you don't know what he means then kill yourself. And if you're being sarcastic and you do know what he means, kill yourself anyway.
  15. people are way too nice to Marie
  16. that could be cool
  17. Needs to be retro ala the 1959 impala
  19. re-released then. Seriously, STFU.
  20. As cool as that would be in theory, I have a feeling all these retro designs are going to start bombing+look really dated in a few years.

    I just think it's awesome they'll do a RWD Impala at all.
  21. American car companies cant do modern design, so its their only option.
  22. Agreed.
  23. The W-body is serious shit, borderline diarrhea. So this is great news.
  24. No, what he basically means (and I agree with) is that they should just start building '59 Impalas again, EXACTLY how they originally looked.

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