RWD Impala coming in 2009

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by naranhito, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. It should be possible, if you could hide all the modern stuff. They would be able to take a lot of money for it as well.
  2. I love those cars so damn much, i'd love to have one in red.

    When that comes to NA im definatly going to sell my belongings to pay for one of those.
  3. That too would be still more awesome than one just inspired by a 59 Impala... However I suspect it'd be tough to pass crash tests with the EXACT same exterior design. Plus it would obviously be a very niche market if the interiors also were the exact same.

    I personally wouldn't even be horribly offended by one that looks similar to recent Impalas so long as it's RWD and V8 powered.
  4. Pontiac, yeah, but sometimes/often GM can be lazy, especially in North America. They'd probably make it the Impala also, HA.

    Well, it said the Impala is gonna be on the same platform as the Commodore anyway. They might put new sheetmetal on the lwb version for the Chevy Impala.
  5. The exterior design has little to do with passing crash tests. It's the fact that the '59 Impala is built like a tank and is in total lack of shoulder belts, crumple zones, and airbags, that would cause it to not pass a crash test.
  6. Yea but those features require tweeking of the exterior/interior. I imagine designing crumple zones would be tough and still look exactly the same. I'm sure you could get it quite similar, but not exact. Not to mention the bumpers probably wouldn't work either. Seatbelts, easy. Airbags, throw in a gay steering wheel and different dash for passenger. Voila!

    But it would then have some quite noticeable differences.
  7. It shouldn't be too difficult to hide modern equipment in a '59. I'm fairly certain you could hide a family of Mexicans in a '59 and nobody would ever find them.
  8. I was'nt mentionning the Impalas of the 50's and 60's, I meant with the CURRENT line up of Impalas
  9. Haha
  12. Bout damn time.
  13. Corvettes suck. Take the 430 it's much better than stupid corgettes
  14. I dont understand why these car manufacturers bring back a classic name and then give you a car thats a peice of crap. Do they try to fool you into thinking that the car deserves the respect of the name?
    Im suprised ford just didnt call the focus the mustang!
  15. Ford doesn't call the Focus a Mustang because they call the Mustang a Mustang.
  16. fool.
  17. The next impala SS should rock.
  18. you sir, are an idiot.
  19. Yes

    Yes, again... After all, it's an impala, not an accord.
  20. Don't have any more angles, do you? Looks good from the front though.
  21. What!?!!!!?!?!????
  22. "all impalas have been FWD since the 60's.........."

    this is an OMGWTFLMFAO thread.

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