RX-7 replacement?

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by NoLimitRacing, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Is this surposed to replace the RX-7? If it is please bring back the RX-7 Twin Turbo cause this thing is ugly and slow and just an all around waste of money. I'd spend my money on a used RX7 then a new RX8 ever if the RX8 was 1/2 the price.<!-- Signature -->
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    no this is in no way a replacement... this is in a totally different class... according to mazda you can expect to see proto's of the 4th gen RX-7 as early as 2004... BUT you will only the the 7 back if these sell well... so calling it ugly and slow and whatnot won't help your cause... mazda has to get the rotary back in good standin with the public... the FD (3rd gen RX-7) i hate to say ruined the rotary's image in the publics eye... the FD is my absolute favorite import car but you have to be crazy to own one... so call me crazy... all the 13B needed was a little car to keep it running properly but people thought you could treat it as any typical boinger... hopefully this car will sell well (which im sure it will)... but any TRUE mazda enthusiast will not, even if they don't like it much for any reason, make comments such as that about the 8 because they know alot is riding on it... i have respect for all cars... hope this answered your ?.... later ;)
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    first it was supposed to be called rx-evolv, its not the rx-7 replacement, take it as a sport car for the comfort enthousiasts. and its not so ugly, i like the interior... :p

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