RX 7 vs Camaro

Discussion in '2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS 35th Anniversary' started by elbato22, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Which do you think is better an RX 7 or Camaro??? <!-- Signature -->
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    LOL Is that a rhetorical question? I think RX-7's are badass but their reliability isn't a nice as a Supra, and to be honest if anything goes wrong RX-7's are very costly in replacing parts! Besides obviously I like Camaro's better if I have 2 of em! <IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"><!-- Signature -->
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    The camaros have a more powerfull engine, i think there cheaper also. I You could also get the camaro as a convertable, i like converts. Its also cheaper to tune the LS1's than the rotorarys. S o id go with the camaro.<!-- Signature -->
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    the camaro would smoke the rx-7.
    nos is for pussies
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    Ya, domestics are king. You can easily push a SS Camaro LS1 into 12.9 in the quarter mile. You can get a RX7 running 13.9 probably.
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    quarter mile:
    Camaro ss : 11.5
    Rx-7: 13.4
    so who's better than who?
    besides camaro's aren't the type of car you have to juggle with the throttle for it to hit 60 alone
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    I'm thinking "Why such an obvious question???"

    RX7 loses. Eventhough they're light, rotary engines are very poor with torque.
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    ill put this nicely...
    rx-7's SUCK, camaros do ok, ive had 6 of them, and they are very easy to squeeze 400 hosrses out of. an rx-7 is pitiful compared to it, and on top of being a falling apart piece of shit, they are 1/3 ford!!!
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    Stock for stock the SS should win by 5-6 feet in the 1/4. The RX-7 is faster off the line though (surprisingly). But then again, you can get a boost controller for the RX-7...Less than $100 (maybe more with shipping). Until the limits of the stock turbochargers are reached, the RX-7 is more easily modified.

    The rotary engines aren't as prone to wear as people assume though. My friend has a 1979 model; the engine has never broke but everything else has. Mazda isn't the best by any means.
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    You guys really dont like any othere cars than chevys do you? You dont care about othere cars only chevys. Damn rednecks!
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    This thread isn't about what you like or not, it's fact-based on whats actually faster, ASS.
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    But you guys still think Chevys are faster than anything! Rednecks!
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    the rx-7 evolved into a pure sports car while the Camaro is daily dragster. On track the RX7 is great cause it pulls more g's than a ferrari and does good 0-60 in 5.3 and a 1/4mi in 14 flat. The Camaro will beat it in a long straight road but they don't carve around the corners as good. Both are good cars. I've seen RX-7s drag in the 9's yet camaros do this too but with cheaper technology so they are more reliable. No doubt the RX7 is a beautiful car inside and out. Camaro guys have to respect the rx-7.
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    Uh, the Elise can't even break 125. Thats where the Camaro cruises at.
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    Besides, the better car is both. Some company makes a package to put an LS1 w/ T56 into an RX7.

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