RX 8 vs. 350Z

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by elbato22, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. Which do you prefer Mazda's RX 8 or Nissan's 350Z<!-- Signature -->
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    The Z certainly looks 100000 times better (IMHO), and I would imagine it will have better performance as well. The Mazda, however, is a far more practical car as it has sort of 4 doors. I'd take the Z in the end for the styling and performance. Rotary engines are cool though....
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    the RX-8 is gonna be faster i bet, and IMO it looks better too. i'd like to see a 2 door version though, i jut don't like 4 doors, but these 4 doors are the coolest i've seen, i'd definetly take this, but look at my name, i am bias... oh well, the car is pimp.<!-- Signature -->
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    Toyota is also remaking the supra so these 2 will have a third to contend with, I think this would make a very good comparson RX-8vs350Zvs(new) supra.

    What do you think?
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    I think the 350Z will take the RX-8 overall and I would like to know where you're hearing about the Supra from. I love those. Toyota will have to work hard to keep an updated supra in the price range of these two. the last Supra was over 40G US with the Twin turbos and both these I'm told are under 30G. However the MKIV Supra does beat the stats I saw in Car & Driver for the new 350Z even though it's nearly a decade older!<!-- Signature -->
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    well the Mazda says their new sports car is gonna make 250HP as with Nissan's 350Z has 280HP. but i am certain performance will be tight with both cars. id buy both cars. IMO, i think the new Z and the RX-8 are the most prettiest cars to come outta Japan to date.<!-- Signature -->
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    I have heard nothing about the Supra being even close to this range. The lowest price rumor that i heard puts it at 80k competing with the NSX
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    This is a quote from the 2002 september road and track magazine

    "Also in the works for toyota is a mid price high-performance sports car, codenamed 395, designed to take over where the supra left off when it was discontinued in the us market in the late 1990s.
    Toyota has learned that it needs a high profile sports car to heighten the company's somewhat bland image. That image, Toyota insiders say must change."
    (next paragraph useless)except to say that the new supra will probably use the updated is300 platform.
    anyways it says it will have to versions a V8 and a V6 the V8 will be in the 40000 price range and the V6 will be in the 30000 price range

    (sorry i skiped out some, I needed to go)

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    On with the Topic...

    I prefer Mazda over Nissan...
    So i'll go for the RX-8...
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    They will make a coupe version of the RX-8 in 2005 (MT, OCT 2002)
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    man i can't wait that long...
    but then again if i start savin' now...
    i'll be able to afford 1!
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    If I could, I'd get both (who wouldn't?). But I'd probably choose the RX-8 (when the coupe comes out) just because rotary engines are awesome! Btw, is it possible to put turbos/supercharger on a rotary engine? Theoretically, it seems like it would work. Are there problems that come up in the real world that would need to be solved?
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    I'd go the RX-8, but I am biased. (I have a Rx4). Mazda will definetly have the upper edge when they stick a turbo onto it (thats deffinet). Sadly, the Z probably wont be getting a turbo.
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    I wouldn't. I don't really like either of them. I think the FD3S RX-7 looks much better than the RX-8, and the 300ZX looks much better than the 350Z
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    defenitely the Z, for styling AND performance, i do not know the specs of this rx8 but im doubting it will reach 60 in under 6...
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    I like both cars....Do you have info on Toyota remaking the supra...I'd like to read it. Thanks
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    RX8, RX8, a million times RX8
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    i think the rx-8 will handle better but the 350z will turn better.
    the rx-8 looks better in my opinion but the nismo 350z looks hella nice
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    The RX8 because it has 4 seats not just 2 and it is quite fast.
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    I want everyone to know again that I own an RX-8. I bought it because it was cheaper, which means I only had to sell my soul, sense of decency, my spleen (don't need that), and some other random internal organs. I kept my liver because I still like drinking.
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    I'd take the RX8, slightly bias, but based on looks, and the fact that the Mazda has a rotary engine! 350Z is nice though!
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    Now even I don't believe that one....17 inch brakes in an 18 inch rim?????? I think Mazda likes to strech the truth a little...250 horses???
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    The RX8, the 350Z doesnt look as good its more plumb and has no sound.
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    I'd take the RX-8.
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    I think this topic speaks for itself.

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