RX7 vs WRX vs 3000gt

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  1. what would win? just all stock, no bpu.
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    i have a question for you.
    what RX7 and WRX? the japan WRX is quite a different car than the one here. if you want to go by US spec than the rx7 would probably be the best over all car. its the fastest, almost a second quicker 0-60 than the WRX and the 3000gt and could probably handle preatly comparitively to the WRX on the street. With some Goofy tires ive seen stock rx7s pull 1.035g skid pad so thats not to shabby. but the japan WRX is faster than the RX7. thats about the only difference. so if you had to rank them then this is how i would do it.

    1. RX7
    2. WRX
    3. 3000GT

    1. WRX
    2. RX7
    3. 3000gt

    I dont konw a whole lot about the 3000gt but thats my educated guess. i hope that answers your question :D have fun
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    gto<!-- Signature -->
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    I'd take the WRX, I've always liked that car and around here it would be pretty useful with it's 4-wheel drive....we go 'digging' a lot all the time.
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    No, I think it would be RX-7, 3000-GT and then WRX. The RX-7 has the lightest weight(2600) and the second most powerful engine(255).
    The 3000-GT is the heaviest(near 4000) but also has the most powerful engine(low 300's).
    The WRX weighs in at just about 3000lbs and has 227 BHP.
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    RX 7's will smoke all WRX's and 3000GT. RX 7 is a top performance car. They have the best turning they are awesome....
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    i think a wrx sti would smoke both these shit cars in a dragg race wrx sti has more power than both of them and sti is 6 speed manual this is rx7 is only 5 speed , so this would be my order of which cars are faster

    1.wrx sti
    3.mazda rx7
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    I would take the Rx-7 cause it has 255hp in such a light car and I likes its sleak syling more than the boxy and scrunched styling of the WRX.<!-- Signature -->
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    man shutup wrx's are good cars. they have more power than rx7 and are better. rx7's are good too. i like them. but there nothing to wrx. its just like comparing a wrx to a supra or an skyline. wrx's is nothing to them.
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    rofl the only chance that the wrx stands is in the curves... anyways if its sti your talking about .. just to let you know that the 1996 version.. was no match for the rx-7.. so I wouldput the rx- on first.. ifnot compare the rx-7 spirit to the new sti and it kills it... anyways i wont even mention that POS 3000gt unless you talking of a vr4 gto wich doesnt suc...otherwise not even on the comparisons list..<!-- Signature -->
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    First the wrx STI would be the camparison, not the wrx, the sti has 280 horse in japan, and do 60 in under 5 secs, and the quarter in the low 13s, and the wrx sti would defently keep up in the corners. But if you compared the wrx sti for what it was ment for, rally, it would smoke almost any car. the 300gt dosent even compare to any of these cars. ranking
    1.japan WRX STI
    3.3000gt<!-- Signature -->
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    There is a lot more to this arguement than just raw power. You have to take into consideration that the RX-7 was a $30,000-$35,000 car brand new. The 3000GT VR-4 was a $40,000-$45,000 car brand new. And the new WRX is only $25,000-$30,000 brand new. The RX-7 is 255 bhp...3000GT VR-4 is 320 bhp.... and the WRX is 227 bhp. The RX-7 is the lightest by far because Mazda had in mine a true street racer. It was made for racing and speed. The 3000GT VR-4 was an all year car, more luxury like with a lot of power, but bogged down by weight. And the WRX is a sub-compact family car with lots of power. But overall, the RX-7 would be the fastest(not by much at all however, a true stock RX-7 would not run a 4.9... a 5.2 is more accurate), then the WRX, then the 3000GT VR-4. The WRX could switch back and forth however with the 3000GT VR-4, the times are very close together, all depends on the driver and tires and such. But the WRX is the best buy out of all, if you were to buy all the cars new. It is the cheapest for the power and handling it offers. Now that they have stopped making the RX-7's and 3000GT VR-4's, it would be cheaper to buy one of them. So that would be my choice on what would be the best overall. All great cars, they are all #1's in my book. I am actually looking to buy either an Eclipse, a 3000GT VR-4, or a RX-7 at the moment. The WRX is my top choice but it is out of my price range.
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    if u all went to www.supercarcentral.com u would see the real specifications for these cars and it looks like the 3000 gt dominates. i do like all of these cars but i prefer the 3000 GT, so my order would be

    1.3000 GT
    3.RX7<!-- Signature -->
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    If u read fast fours it goes like this

    1st. wrx

    it was a 400m race
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    yeah, sorry everyone, but id definately put the rx-7 on top, due to the fact that i think we are talking about a us-spec wrx, and then the 3000GT, just because its the slowest of the group in a straight line. However, if we were talking about these cars based on ability on a road course, i just have no idea. All of them are good handling cars. What is everyone elses views on the road race?
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    Even if it was the Japan Spec....the 7 could definately win in a straigh or track. sure the WRX has all wheel drive, but that is one heavy system and it sure does make a diffrence. As for the 7, it isnt weighed down by much. The 3000gt is crap...thats like a viper agasint a geo metro.....Of course the Metro would win...jesus ever see a Viper on the track..they suck
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    It's bullshit that people here think that the STi WRX will take an Rx7. Yes, only if it is an A-Spec 7 and a J-Spec STi, but what is always forggoten is that the J-Spec 7 should be compared with the J-Spec STi. That way the STi still doesn't take over because the 7 comes with 280HP in Japan. Please don't compare a 9-11 year old car with one that has just come out.
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    This all depends on what yer going for. Rally race WRX hands down. 0-60 & 1/4 RX7. Nice long road trip 3000GT.
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    people have there opinons but when you lay down the throttle and you feel those turbos spool and your catapulted into heaven

    6 grand of mods (around 470 rwp) and this 3rd gen rx7 has the exact same specs as the saleen s7 check it out for your self

    you dont drive this car you hang on for dear damn life!

    no back seat no pistons no normal sports car

    1st rx7 super car
    2nd wrx mind blowing ralley car
    3rd 3000gt a big nasty whale ( if you think these are cars your mistaken there tanks!!) superCARS.net

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