S Type R Vs. E55 Vs. M5 Vs. RS6

Discussion in '2002 Jaguar S-Type R' started by Master Spikey, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. I think the E55 would win in a straight line although the RS6 may snatch it.

    Around the track --->> RS6!

    M5's a bit dated now.

    S Type R --->> you'd expect too much

    What you think?
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    Well id take the E55 ofcourse, next id have the RS6 when i wanted to go snowboarding and needed the 4WD..

    The E55 has HP and Torque advantage so its possible that it would win on the track... with a good driver!
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    If I was to go on a trip to Monaco I would take the Jaguar S-type R.
    For ultimate performance, needless to say the RS6.
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    All the Jaguars should be terminated except the XJ-series. E55 would win in 0-100 kmh, but the RS6 would win on the track. M5 is currently ou-of-date, but when it comes it will KILL all competition, until the new E55 and RS Audi comes around.
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    RS6,M5 TypeR,Benz,
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    you are all idiots. these cars were compared in a magazine test late last year. Guess which one won? The M5. The Audi: More power, The Jag: More Lux and Mercedes: even more Lux, but they all were humbled by a car that hasnt seen a design change in over six years. If you're asking me, as nice as all of these cars are, you can't overlook a supposedly "outdated" car that outperforms what the rest of its competition can muster six years after its instatement into the industry. The M5 may be older, but it still one of THE finest automobiles on the planet. My only worry is how BMW is going to make the next version they come out with better.
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    M5 would still show these cars how its done on a track
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    M5, RS6, S Type-R, E55. Thats my order, the M5 is clearly the best of the bunch. Although the RS6 doesn't trail by much.
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    Ok...after I say this, I know I will be called numerous bad names, names that will take my pride, and so on, but...I'm so sick of the BMW M5. I'm sick of hearing everyone go on and on about it, sure it may be the top of the line in a lot of things, but in my opinion, let me say that again, IN MY OPINION, the M5 is ugly! I just don't like the style of it. Never have, probably never will. I think I would take any relatively new Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar (and of course Bentley, Ferrari, Lambo...etc, but those go without saying) over the M5. Ok, now give me a second to realize all the name-calling I'm about to receive....

    Ok, I'm ready, now...lemme have it!
  11. Re:

    m5 is far too dated, needs major improvement to compete against the audi... but the clear winner here is e55... its clearly UNMATHCEDDDDDD even on the damn track, the clear loser, JAG.
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    hmm...in terms of style, the S Type R would win over the M5's outdated looks, but overall I think the M5 (no matter how much it is compared to other cars in this forum, along with the ZO6) would outhandle this easily...

    E55 would probably do the same..

    now, the most asked question in here..the one involving the ZO6...

    ZO6 vs. S-Type R vs. the M5...Jag has 5 less HP than the ZO6 but handling wise, would it whoop both of these?
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    The E55 blows the doors off of the Jag, and the M5...The Jag takes TWICE as long to reach 100 as the E55. The RS6 is definetly a sweet ride, esp with the quattro. What people don't realize about these Midsize luxury sedans is that they are meant to be daily driver cars, and not thrashed on a track. The car that does that the best is the E55, then the RS6, S-type R, and then the M5. Maybe the M5 is more invasive when it comes to driving because it has a stick, but it will have its ass handed to in almost every aspect (as many magazines have already stated) if it even tried to mess with an E55 or RS6. (If you want a European Hot Rod, you can't go wrong with the Benz or the Audi).

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