S2000 hybrid? (what if)

Discussion in '1999 Honda Spocket Concept' started by Afterburn, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Is this a hybrid car?

    The S2000 engine is, to my knowledge, not compatible with any FWD or AWD packages. Does that mean they couldn't make it happen? Well, it's Honda. They have lots of money. Very interesting that way back in 1999, they were already talking about AWD and possibly hybrid tech in their lineup. Only now, 7 years later, are those visions finally beginning to be realized.

    Oh, and the stratospheric S2000 engine coupled with an electric motor to give it gobs of low-end torque and better fuel economy to boot...how sweet would that be (hypothetically of course)? Sign me up!
  2. Weight is the first issue. 2nd issue is that if they put the IMA motor on the S2000 motor, the transmission would have the be an automatic...a CVT transmission. There are alot of factors before slapping on technology.

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