S2000 v.s. 500whp 6-spd Corrado

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  1. Here is the deal.. i am a Corrado enthusiast but i sold my corrado for a S2000, i miss the corrado but LOVE the way my s2000 drives, the convertible, the 9k redline, RWD etc..

    I have been presented with the oppurtunity to trade for a

    93 Corrado VR6 SLC 73k mi
    Fully built turbo motor at about 500 whp
    6 speed swap
    Straight cut gears
    amazing sound system
    the works....

    Basically the Corrado i allways wanted to build but couldnt afford (except it is green ugh...), this is a once in a life time deal however

    However i have my 2003 S2000 which is Convertible, reliable, fun AS HELL, gets TONS of looks, RWD (a biggie for me)..

    On one hand i can ALLWAYS buy another s2000 down the road, and to build a corrado like this would cost TONS, and its unlikely that another one will surface like this.

    The other hand is i love the drive of my s2k, the RWD is a huge plus, the looks i get from girls is nice but doesnt make or break my decision.

    What would you do in my situation?


    Custom Paintjob; Metallic Green Pearl.
    Mul-t-lock Alarm.
    Custom Hood Scoop.
    Kamei Front Upper Grill Spoiler.
    Rieger RS Front Bumper.
    Shaved Side Moldings.
    Tinted Rear Lights.
    Tinted Windows.

    Beige Lleather Seats.
    Black Carpet.
    Custom Speedometer Gages.
    Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Boost/Vac Pressure Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Fuel Pressure Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Pyrometer (EGT) Gauge.
    European 3-point Manual Seatbelts.
    Alpine 9855 CD/MP3 Headunit.
    Alpine Type R 5.25 Components.
    Alpine Type S 4x6 Coaxials.
    Alpine MRV-F450 5 Channel Amplifier.
    Alpine MRD-M1000 Mono Sub Amplifier.
    Alpine KCA-420I iPod Interface.
    Apple 40gig Photo iPod.
    MA Audio 3 Synergy SYC35 Capacitor.
    Kicker Solo Baric L7 Subwoofers (12 inch).

    Engine, Trans & Exhaust:
    ATP Stage 2 Front Mounted Intercooler.
    Garrett GT35/40R Turbo w/ATP Custom Hot Side.
    3 Inch Downpipe.
    Full 3 Inch Exhaust.
    Daynomax 3 Inch Muffler.
    Cartech FMU.
    Ported Shrick Cylinder Head.
    AutoTech Valve Springs.
    AutoTech Retainers & Caps.
    Raceware Fasteners Head Stud Kit.
    APR Rod Bolts.
    2.9L Over-bore.
    82mm J.E. Forged Pistons (9:1 Compression).
    Double MK4 Headgaskets.
    European 2.9 Throttle Body.
    Shot-Peened & Stress Relieved Rods.
    AutoTech Low Temperature Fan Switch.
    AutoTech Low Temperature Thermostat.
    AutoTech Shock Therapy 10.4mm Spark Plug Cables.
    Accell 32lbs Injectors.
    NGK Irridium Spark Plugs.
    " NOS" Direct Port (75 Shot).
    EUROSPEC Sport 6 Speed Dogbox Transmission.
    Motorsport Straight Cut Gears.
    Quaife Limited-Slip Differential.
    Clutch Master Stage 3 (street) Clutch.
    ATP Shaved 9lb Flywheel.

    Suspension, Wheel:
    KW V2 Height Adjustable Coilovers.
    Wheel & Tire: BBS RX 16x7.
    Autotech Front Upper Stress Bar.
    Autotech Rear Upper Stress Bar.
    Autotech Steel Break Lines.
    11.3 Cross Drilled/Slotted Front Rotors.
    Cross Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors.
    Mintex Red Box Brake Pads.

  2. I'd commit suicide.
  3. Stock > Frankenstein

    I think you should keep your S2000.
  4. Corrado, since it isnt a honduh.
  5. If I knew more about Corrado's I'd give you a proper answer. Since I dont, stay with the Zonda S2000.
  6. corrado followed by flaming ball of death
  7. I'd say you have to take the Corrado for a test drive before making your decision. Leaving the reliability concerns and all aside for the moment, you have to make sure that 500 FW horse power doesn't completely ruin the drive. I imagine squeezing that much power out of the V6 would leave it peaky, laggy and torque steering all over the place. You could also ask why the owner is willing to trade for a stock S2000.
  8. rwd or 500 hp fwd... hmm.
  9. I have a 500ish hp Golf.

    Keep the S2000.
  10. Yeah that Corrado sounds like a nightmare. If you don't have another car to drive on a daily basis I say keep the s2k.
  11. lol@high end guido tuner scene
  12. I'd be scared as shit to buy a car with heavy engine mods.

    Especially something that old.
  13. especially a vw corrado
  14. yeah, i typed that but i deleted it because i didn't want him to get all #%!@ hurt.
  15. lol srsly
  16. get better taste, and then get some better cars.
  17. yea s2000 by a wide margin. 500hp is cool but whats the point if the ride sucks?
  18. hey guys dont underestimate the looks from girls factor when buying a car
  19. dips in da gimp stall
  20. it's all i ever think about when looking at new cars

    it's the reason i drive a volvo estate.
  21. pussy magnet in america
  22. but cock magnet in the UK
  23. it definitely stiffened me up.
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