S2000 v.s. 500whp 6-spd Corrado

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  1. In the European market VW ranks at the top of the most reliable cars in Europe, in the US, they're almost dead last ahead of only of Daewoo (not an exaggeration)
  2. doesn't VW build it's cars for america IN america?
  3. Yeah, in Brazil and Mexico.

    Anyways, who's the guy in your av?
  4. layne staley, lead singer of alice in chains and mad season among some other projects before he put too much cocaine and heroin into his veins
  5. I think in general Europeans are just more willing to accept unrelablie vehicles. It killed the British motorcycle & sports car.
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    Yeah, you're off in lala land again.

    The JD Power customer satisfaction survey puts VW at no better than average in Europe, though still miles ahead of the Americans.

    And there's no VW in sight on the 10 most reliable/unreliable cars list.
  7. Exterior:
    Custom Paintjob; Metallic Green Pearl.
    Mul-t-lock Alarm.
    Custom Hood Scoop.
    Kamei Front Upper Grill Spoiler.
    Rieger RS Front Bumper.
    Shaved Side Moldings.
    Tinted Rear Lights.
    Tinted Windows.

    Beige Lleather Seats.
    Black Carpet.
    Custom Speedometer Gages.
    Apexi AVC-R Boost Controller.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Boost/Vac Pressure Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Fuel Pressure Gauge.
    AutoMeter Cobalt Pyrometer (EGT) Gauge.
    European 3-point Manual Seatbelts.
    Alpine 9855 CD/MP3 Headunit.
    Alpine Type R 5.25 Components.
    Alpine Type S 4x6 Coaxials.
    Alpine MRV-F450 5 Channel Amplifier.
    Alpine MRD-M1000 Mono Sub Amplifier.
    Alpine KCA-420I iPod Interface.
    Apple 40gig Photo iPod.
    MA Audio 3 Synergy SYC35 Capacitor.
    Kicker Solo Baric L7 Subwoofers (12 inch).

    Engine, Trans & Exhaust:
    ATP Stage 2 Front Mounted Intercooler.
    Garrett GT35/40R Turbo w/ATP Custom Hot Side.
    3 Inch Downpipe.
    Full 3 Inch Exhaust.
    Daynomax 3 Inch Muffler.
    Cartech FMU.
    Ported Shrick Cylinder Head.
    AutoTech Valve Springs.
    AutoTech Retainers & Caps.
    Raceware Fasteners Head Stud Kit.
    APR Rod Bolts.
    2.9L Over-bore.
    82mm J.E. Forged Pistons (9:1 Compression).
    Double MK4 Headgaskets.
    European 2.9 Throttle Body.
    Shot-Peened & Stress Relieved Rods.
    AutoTech Low Temperature Fan Switch.
    AutoTech Low Temperature Thermostat.
    AutoTech Shock Therapy 10.4mm Spark Plug Cables.
    Accell 32lbs Injectors.
    NGK Irridium Spark Plugs.
    " NOS" Direct Port (75 Shot).
    EUROSPEC Sport 6 Speed Dogbox Transmission.
    Motorsport Straight Cut Gears.
    Quaife Limited-Slip Differential.
    Clutch Master Stage 3 (street) Clutch.
    ATP Shaved 9lb Flywheel.

    Suspension, Wheel:
    KW V2 Height Adjustable Coilovers.
    Wheel & Tire: BBS RX 16x7.
    Autotech Front Upper Stress Bar.
    Autotech Rear Upper Stress Bar.
    Autotech Steel Break Lines.
    11.3 Cross Drilled/Slotted Front Rotors.
    Cross Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotors.
    Mintex Red Box Brake Pads.

    currently sitting on TT Fat 5's
    and has Autronic SMC v1.94 STANDALONE - Reluctor Interface AND Siemens Deka "630" injectors
    Oh and again, less then 2000 total miles on the rebuild - forged internals.
  9. bricklen.jpeg
  10. "Kamei Front Upper Grill Spoiler. "

    That sounds like utter turd...
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    JD power scores have very little to do with reliability.
  12. It's a customer satisfaction survey. Would you rate your car highly if it kept breaking down?
  13. Well JD power also asked in the reliability section how happy customers are with their cars design, so ...

    My opinion on JD is, it's a lot of wasted money for bs.
  16. I dunno, if its your passion then the car will give you endless joy, buuuut then again 500hp in a FWD? meh.. The engine will also break down more than you can recall and you are actually going back in luxury.. So I dunno, why does the guy want to get rid of the car anyways?
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    #$%# customer satisfaction.
  18. FMU? Ya that sounds like a quality car. I'm also pretty sure 32lb injectors won't support 500whp. Did the guy ever post a dyno?
  19. when someone tells you he has X amount of horsepower, just take off 25-50% depending on how much trust the source deserves
  21. WHAT? Better than the BRICKLIN SV1 AND the McLaughlin???!
  22. i'm loling
  23. That was four #$%#ING years ago you tool. Find something relevant to their current models.
  24. I'm serious about this number. my friend used to have a roush mustang that dyno'd on different days within 5 hp/torque of 400 hp/torque, and we did open tracks for a couple years together. when some clown says he has 600 horsepower, a great barometer is watching steve pull him hard on every straight part of the track with apparently 50% less power.
  25. Listen, I designed my car on the computer ok, and the parts say I have 500hp.

    dyno, shmyno

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