S2000 vs bmw z3 roadster

Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by SpeedwaGod, Jan 8, 2003.

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    You forgot to throw the boxter in the mix.

    Well, this costs less, it accelerates more quickly, yet its top speed is slightly less, and which handles better is debatable, I'll go with this as the better car (all known facts accounted for.)
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    I've been privelaged to drive them both even though I have no money. The S is much better looking, the shifter is absolutely amazing and all around a much more fun car to drive. The Z's shifter is ass, don't tell my uncle that he will rage. Not to mention the S cost's less, with all that extra cash if your into modifications you could do a lot. Or if you finance you will just have a higher standard of living, and a nicer car.

    Buying a Z3 is like committing suicide when there are cars like this Honda around.
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    well said, even tho im a BMW fan, theres no way the Z3 could compete with the S2000. doubt a boxter would be able to keep up either. great car this!!!
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    True. I would say BMW is one of the top manufacturers around, But I have never had any real love for the Z3. You would get more props for driving a Bimmer from random people, but anyone who knew anything about cars would respect the S more.
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    Well I like both but really the Z3 3.0i can blow an S2000 into the weeds. The S2000 is fun but has no torque. Also as for having a lousy shifter an S2000 is so notchy compared to a BMW. I HATE honda gearboxes, the shift gates are so narrow compared to a BMW one. the BMW gearbox is far more smoother. The Z3 glides into gear smooth and flawlessly. A S2000 gearbox is notchy. So as for a Z3 shifting like ass drive the 2 cars and compare. The Z3 has many different configurations but the 3.0i can make short use of the S2k because it has torque and is a quicker car. The ultimate Z3 would have to be the M roadster and im refering to the later 315hp version. That will blow any S2k into the weeds. Also the S2k and the Z3 cost about the same anyway so what the hell are you guys complaining about the price for?
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    please a z3 roadster would kill this like it's nothing.
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    a Z3 would never kill this thing like it was nothing...wtf are you talkin about? BMWMpower1, Im not too sure how justified your statements are but you repeat yourself like a broken record man. Honestly, the Z3 looks terrible, it doesnt have enough class for a BMW. The S2000 is the epitome of compact roadster looks in my opinion. It looks mean, sounds mean, and goes mean. Dont talk 0-60 or 1/4 or whatever with these cars tho, who the hell races an S2000 at the light and brags. You race camaros or Supras at the light. Its all about the track and Ive seen these babies run, they are GREAT track cars. Plus, i think they have far better mod support, german cars are hard to mod. Ever seriously look into it? Its insanely expensive just because of the name.
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    Hmm.. The s2000 is the best for me, (im talking about roadster only)

    But who thinks that bmw can compete with honda..there is no way for bmw.. Remember that Honda have one of the best quality motors.
    (audi too)

    If i can have an s2000... oh my god, i will be so happy.. (or maybe a nsx..)

    And for the American cars fans.. don't think i don't like your cars
    :) im always fair and realist. But think one thing.. the car of my dream who im gonna buy in many many years.. that's the corvette z06.. oooohh feel the power !

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    well these are a few race results from the forum of WWW.S2KI.COM

    S2000 easily beats BMW Z3
    S2000 easily beats Porshe Boxter
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    Ahh, no, the Z3 doesn't beat a S2000 on thes straight, let alone teh corners. Yes, the s2000 has not much torque, that's why it has a 6-speed close-ratio gearbox - to make good use of its highend power.

    Honda gearboxes suck?? Get ur facts straight please. Honda manual gearboxes have alwaysbeen recognized as smooth and accurate.

    Too bad there's no more Z3, but Z4. And why are u talking about the M roadster? It's not even in tehc category of S2000 and Z3. Just look at the price.

    Oh yes, the base Z3 2.5i is cheaper than S2000, but it has no chance of beating teh S2000. And teh 3.0i is 38000, which is 5000 more than the S2000.
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    The S2000 is in a class of its own as far as i'm concerned, i mean who else can get 250BHP out of a 2 litre inline six while still appealing to the modifier community and having a sticker price under 35k, there is no comparasin, while the top of the line Z3 (about $38,000-$40,000) could beat a S2000 imagine if 7k worth of mods were put into the honda. Honda has a reputation for having cars that hold their value and dont shut down. Being a Honda owner myself i give my vote to the S2000
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    BMW's are great, but I dunno where you're getting your "knowledge" from, it's wrong.

    1st - the BASE Z3 is $10,000 (cdn) more than the fully loaded S2000

    2nd - The S2000 is slightly quicker in acceleration in all speed ranges, but the Z3 has a higher top speed of 7km/h (to the best of my recollection)

    shall we bust out some figs, or are we going to end this debate here?
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    The Z3 is very dated, In my opinion the Z4 vs. S2000 is a better comparison.
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    Yea, i agree.
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    I think right now, the 2 roadsters to be compared would be the S2000 and the 350Z
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    based on what?
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    Leave him, He probably underestimates this car
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    there is small movie that can be downloaded from kazaa that shows that s2000 kills fairlady...
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    Seen that, S2k was kinda tuned though
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    tuned?.. dunno... because.. as far as I know, and that can be very wrong, and still doesn't have to be s2k can't be tuned in that way.. something about the engine and the power it allready has and blah blah... I have read also on the net somewhere that when they tuned the s2k it was acctually performing worse than original...
    so.. I would like some info on that... if possible.. please... thank you
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    Well most S-2000's are faster then 300ZX's due to the fact that pretty much all 300's are atleast 7 years old.
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    Age doesn't really matter you know
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    Is there anyone in here who actually drove an S2000 or a Z3? What the heck r u talking about?

    Ok. These are facts:
    Everyone that says that Z3 is better in performance than S2000 is a)seriously brain damaged, b)biased towards bmw, c)not old enough.

    S2000 is way better in performance and far more fun to drive than Z3.

    The only Z that could compare to S2000 is the M Roadster (320bhp) which is better in acceleration and top speed but other than that it handles like total shit.

    YES the shifter of Z3 is total crap compared to S2000 (damn amazing)

    One thing I love is the Z3 design (way better than Z4)

    For those who don't know shit about torgue and high revs:
    The only difference in everyday racing is that on a high rev car you have to shift down 1 gear to accelerate when a torguey car would not.

    High rev cars are usually more fun to drive and high torgue cars are usually easier. (please check the word "usually" before say something)

    You do not need huge torgue to accelerate fast. If you think that you're not much of a driver.

    The most rediculus thing I read is that S2000 (being high rev) is a problem in traffic. WTF? Like I would want to go to 7000rpm to move 5 meters!

    My experience comes from the fact that I own an S2000, a Miata and my father has a Z3 1.9L

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