s2000 vs solstice roadster

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Solstice Roadster Concept' started by camaroboy, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. ufortunately the roadster version was last i heard a non-running prototype but it may be going by now just a question would you take this over a honda s2000give me input no swearing please
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    Hell, I'd take the Pontiac! The Day I chose a Honda over a GM would be the day I listen to britney spears music! (no offence legend)<!-- Signature -->
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    the pontiac. im not a big honda fan. the solstice has more torque too. it would smoke the s2000.
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    Not to mention that you wouldn't have to rev it to 8500 rpms.
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    Soltice Easily. The car looks better, I'm sure it's equaly as fast as well, plus I'd rather rock a name thats not the usuall. The Pontiac name is not often assosiated with small roadcars/roadsters. In looks, everything about this car looks better. The interior and XTerior.<!-- Signature -->
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    The solstice!!! It performs better, looks better, and probably wil cost less too.<!-- Signature -->
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    The solstice by a long shot. It will probably be under $19,000, will have equal hp as the s2000, but will have more torque. It is also better looking in my opinion.
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    The solstice is ugly, and it's made primarly from GM bin parts. I'd take the S2000 any day. I've had a couple GM's and they've all fallen apart at 100k miles.
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    Back in the day my pops had a 1982 Grand Prix he had it till 1993. He sold it to a teenager with over 800,000Kilometers on it.

    I don't personally believe you that every GM you owned broke down at 100,000miles. You're a Lizard esophigus.
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    shes released GMs BIG secret!!
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    man..the s2000 would smoke THIS car anyday, the s2k is a 2.0 ltr and extracts 240bhp, this car has to be SUPERCHARGED to equal the amount..and i doubt this car will be cheap its a fukin sports roadster, and how do you know this car would even smoke anything? rite now anybody can say the s2000 can KILL this car cuz its not even in production yet and hasnt released specs to the public, so stFU...n00b
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    The Solstic would whoop the S2000's furry hide. It has more power and more torque. Also it is the better looking car BUT that is not to say that the S2000 is a bad car, in fact it is a pretty good car especially the 9000rpm VTEC engine, shame about that crappy torque to power thing: 237 bhp
    137 bhp
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    This car has the same HP but it's heavier than an s2000 - irrespective of this having more torque (don't want to open a debate on torque, but it is by no means the defining factor of how quick a car is) the s2000 has a slightly higher hp/weight ratio so should, theoretically, still be quicker. Besides, wait for the updated MY04 s2000 to be released, if Honda adhere to similar specifications as the original s2000 (120 hp/ltr, same weight) and revise the gearing the S2000 should wipe the floor with the pontiac....
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    It's not all HP/LB u know, the Pontiac has a much more usable Power Curve than the S2k, which needs to have the clutch dropped around 5k to even hit 5's to 60MPH.

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