S4 vs CTS-V vs M3 vs C55 AMG vs S-Type R

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  1. It seems like every time someone comes out with an updated super-sedan, someones gotta make a comparison.

    The S4 continues the tradtition of sticking a big engine in a little car, and keeps on comming up with good results. But is it enough to top the competition? Yes, and no.

    Sophistication, I believe, is what Audi holds over the majority of it's competition. Although a brawny 4.2 liter V8 lies under the hood, it its tame and driveable every day of the week... Let that be a lesson to Cadilac and BMW. The new C55, I believe is closer to the S4 than any one of the other vehicles mostly because of the extremely "solid" feeling each one gives. Its like putting a Panzer and a Bradley in the same room, both are tough as nails and neither would give up.

    The biggest gripe I have with cars like the S4, C55, and S-Type R, is that they have so much driveability that they wouldnt be much fun to drive...The M3 and CTS-V are racecar sedans with uber engines under the hood...And with more racing technology being poured in for 2005 and 2006, it will be a battle royale for king of the crop.

    Overall, there are three choises that stand out:
    1) The Audi S4: I like the size and performance of the car. It is also a sleeper, because without the badges, most people wouldnt know what the hell it is. Given the money, it would probably be my #2 pick.
    2) The Jaguar S-Type R: I really do like this car, but not as much as it's other Jaguar siblings. It is a reserved performance car, only to be called uppon when necessary. Although the custom front clip is a dead giveaway that it means business, it still looks and acts like a luxery sedan. Given the money, it would probably be #5, but is a winner at heart.
    3) The Cadilac CTS-V: This is a true, no nonsense perforamnce machine...It was not built to cradle, or to be an urban exotic, it was meant to kick the crap out of the M3 and catch up with the M5. The burbly sound of the small-block Chevy is intoxicating, and actually being able to shift your gears is a big plus...Also, did you know that there arent 10-Million computer nannys controlling the car? And you can actually turn traction controll completely off? This is the ant-german, german car. Hands down, no competition, it is my #1 choise. It is the fastest, it is the cheapest, and it is made in America...How can you beat that?
  2. The CTS-V may be the cheapest in the USA but elsewhere this claim could be made by another contender.
    What's the price comparison in, say, Germany? Surely the S4, M3 and C55 would be comparatively cheaper once you strip them of the import duties incorporated in their USA price, and surely the CTS-V would become more expensive once these duties are added on?
    Remember; MBs are filthy expensive here in Oz and I believe they are (relatively) expensive in the USA also, but in Germany they are your every-man's car (like a Commodore or Falcon). What is sold as a 'Luxury' car to us is used as a Taxi by them.
    Comparing cars' price in one market when they are produced in different countries (on different continents) is like comparing apples and oranges. There is no level basis of comparison.
  3. Alright Aussie Battler, guess you have never been to German man, guess you don't even know what the currency in Germany is or how to translate it into Dollars you #%$. MBs are more expensive in Germany than they are in America, believe, I live in Switzerland, right accross the boarder of Germany (I guess i have to tell you that cause you seem to be one of the many incredibely dumb Americans) and i have also lived for a while in Amercia so I know what i am talking about. The MB E Class 55 AMG for example comes at a standart price of EUR 90.422.-- at the moment, in America it costs about 76.000.-- if I remember correctly. also knowing that the Dollar is less worth than the Euro, this means, that the American prices are about 25% lower in general that the German ones. So if I'd be in your shoes, I wouldn't walk arround telling people bulls..t you don't know anything about!

    The Tomster
  4. I just signed up to throw my 2 cents in on that. Funny thing, I am a German living in the US right now. The car market in the US is a desaster. Companies started giving to much rebates and are caught in a rat race. The only way to make cars cheaper is to cut back on quality. A friend of mine has a 2004 Ford F150, drove it less than a year and now speakers don't work, power windows don't work etc... But thats the price you have to pay.
    Unfortunately, as tomster proves, Mercedes takes part in the price dumping, since they had to make that foolish decision to merge with Chrysler. I personally would save my money and get the 55. Or the S4. And just enjoy a good investment.
  5. u may find many dumb americans....but u may also find as many dumb europeans....
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  7. Hi. I am agree with you. This is may be cheaper here but not is the case at every place. I completely agree with you and i like the topic very much. These type of topics increase our knowledge and we are able to think differently. Thanks for sharing such topic.

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