S60R vs. Legacy 2.5 GT

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by volvobob, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Friend is considering one of these two cars. 2005ish on both. Thoughts and why.
  2. The S60R seems like more of a high-end car. If it was the regular S60 it would be a tougher choice.
  3. Neither is actually all that sporty. The S60R is quicker in a straight line but acts more like a FWD car than an AWD one. The Legacy delivers power better, but is a bit soft in the suspension. Both cars are lookers in my opinion. I haven't heard about the Legacy, but the S60 suffers from quite a lot of turbo lag. I'd go for the Legacy. It'll probably cost less to buy and maintain and it looks awesome. Your friend won't miss the extra speed the Volvo offers.
  4. Legacy, because Volvo's are for fat old people. Sorry Moo.
  5. both cars in my opinion are equal round the track, so id say legacy just cause im a suabaru fan
  6. spec b maybe?
  7. For once I'm gonna say that the Volvo is better looking. Don't really know much about the Legacy.
  8. The Spec B will be more expensive and perplexingly doesn't really improve the standard car's soft suspension. Definitely not worth the extra money.
  9. I had 1997 850R, not 240hp/330nm T5-R, but 250HP 350nm manual 850R. In red.
    It was faster than manual E46 330 and manual E39 540.

    I love Volvo R

  10. The S60R just because of the seats. Those things are the comfiests seats ever
  11. S60, only farmers drive subarus.
  12. legacy. sporty, comfy, cheap to maintain, good resale, good reviews. Volvo is interesting, but why risk it?
  13. where did you get that idea from?
  14. Damn, i have always wanted an 850R, awesome car! How long did you have it for?
  15. She's replacing her BB6 prelude. I imagine that the handling will be better than that?
  16. Probably.
  17. They use them to block up the roads with horse trailers.
  18. dude my parents drive a subaru forester, they're not farmers, and my girl friends brother drives an 05 subaru impreza, hes not a farmer
  19. The main negative of the S60R is the Haldex II awd system. Under normal circumstances it delivers 95% of torque in the front wheels and the remaining 5% to the rear. Maximum split is 50-50. If it only had the Haldex IV system..

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