S7 vs. GT2

Discussion in '2000 Saleen S7' started by mach7, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. im more concerned on which one handles better.
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    GT2 handles better
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    any stats that prove it handles better?
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    The GT2 definately handles better. Le Mans proves that Porsches win against Saleens (although a bit outnumbered).
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    Well I think the S7 would win. And it would most certainly win the beauty contest.
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    Close! Don't know for sure.
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    I think The handeling of the Gt2 will be beter, not because Saleen is bad, just because porsche is super. But I like the Saleen, musch more than a Viper or a corvette
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    Perfect way to summarize it all up
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    CLick to Enlarge These Pics, This Car Could Wipe The FLoor With Most Cars
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    This car would wipe the floor with ANY car.......Except maybe a Bugatti Veyron......Or maybe a Koenigsegg.....yeah, that's about it.
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    i doubt the Veyron would be able to turn as well as the S7.
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    0-60 for the S7 is 3.6 while the GT2 has a time of 3.6
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    the s7 definately handle's better
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    0-60 for the Saleen is actually 3.3, and the roadholding stats from Car & Driver states 1.02g. Now tell me that the GT2 handles better...sorry, you can't.
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    Ha ha. It's funny because it's true.
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    Hell no it doesnt. This car has sooo much downward force it hugs the road so well. Besides GT2 is slow compaired to this.
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    They arent in the same class dipshit. A S7-R would massacre a 911 GT3R
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    the saleen s7
    pretty close match though
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    I doubt a vayron can turn.
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    how do you know that?? the saleen s7 produces the most downforce of any production car ever

    also road and track got it through the slalom with a speed above 70 mph which they recorded for very few cars
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    the manufacters estimates for the new 2004 saleen s7 is 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds
  23. Porsches don't win against Saleens. The S7 is considerably faster than any Porsche recently at LeMans.
  24. It should have read S7 vs CGT. With all that downforce and such a wide profile of course the S7 is gonna handle better. A more equal comparison is the Carrera GT.
  25. The Saleen is lower to the ground and has more areodynamics then the gt 2. Depending on the shock setting and tires the outcome would be different. The S7 also has a lower weight which adds to its advantage.

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