Saab, Saturn & Pontiac Brands to be dropped...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by KRSONe1, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. We are talking about the same General Motors that canceled production of their only vehicle ever to be profitable every single year of production, on the reasoning that, "It may one day become unprofitable,", right?
  2. Wait which car was that?
  3. I like Saturn, but Saturn doesn't make much sense as a division. Keep Pontiac (even though I cant stand that stinking kidney grill) as a Holden copy and keep chevrolet cars as Opels.
  4. He's talking about the that piece of crap Fiero. The car he would use as a sex toy if possible.
  5. Such a piece of crap that it was not only profitable, but also well exceeded GM's sales goals for all four years. They had 1989 test mules and even sold about 15 cars with the electric variable power steering system in 1988, which was an option for the never to be 1989 model. They even had a 1990/1991 concept, yet in the summer of 1988, someone high up nixed the whole project all together.

    Hell, the Fiero even had a successful IMSA and NHRA race program.
  6. Shut up about the Fiero already.
  7. the car is the joke of mid-engined cars.
  8. I want a Fiero.
  9. Shut it, your long overdue, I haven't posted a Perfect Union update in months.
  10. what about his long overdue?

    Stay on topic, this thread is about GM fail, not about the Fiero (oh lol ,no pun intended)
  11. fiero this, fiero that, bla bla bla cheetos
  12. damn, I really wanted a saturn sky. no way in hell I am gonna get one if they are discontinued.
  13. Howa bout a USED Saturn Sky,,,
  15. 84FordMan lol.
  16. Fiero would've saved GM.
  17. troll posts about the Fiero lol?

    those cars are a #$%#ing joke
  18. what they need to drop are their damn unions......... seriously, some assembly line workers making 6 figures a year? no wonder they can't make a damn profit
  19. It's a little known fact that labourers only take up just over 7% of losses
  20. a loss is a loss.............

    and don't get me wrong I'm not saying that is the only reason but it is a contributor to one of many reasons for their downfall......

    1)7,000+ dealer network in the US
    2)brands competing in the same market segments
    3)too many production facilities
    4)tough competition from foreign automakers(mainly Toyota)
    5)bad overall business plan
  21. Lucky Strike vs Anti Pimpage ..... like two stupidest non 2nd accounts members duke it out ....its like two retards fighting with water wings over a tater tot
  22. yes because those things I listed aren't true and are made up

  23. drop opel please.
  24. Sell Saab, take sporty Saturns and make them Pontiacs, drop Saturn, make not sporty Pontiacs Chevys,kepp Buick if it is profitable.

    Now all that's needed is to drop shitty cars and make nice ones.
  25. they need to drop everything but chevy, cadillac, and saab. maybe keep buick because of the brand image in china, which is a growing market.

    but no more pontiac, GMC, Hummer, Saturn, or what have you. they used to all have place in the company (ok except hummer/GMC) but at this point they are all just rebadges, bring over some of those Opels as Chevys, Give a bit more funding to Saab (it actually makes money) Chevy already has sports cars, so take the G8 and make it the Chevelle. the Solstice can be... just a new chevy, but take the styling from the Sky anyway.

    you know the brand image of chevy would probably grow a great deal over seas as well, having cars like the camaro/corvette/"chevelle"/sky/cruze/cobalt ss(great car, cheap look)/volt/new malibu. it may not be a high volume seller over there, but at least poeple would look at the cars and at least admit they were good (get rid of all the pure shit and retry making it into something decent, no more aveo for instance)

    then just keep doing what your doing with cadillac, its working.

    then saab can do whatever the #$%# it wants, hell maybe even sell it while its making money so you can focus on cadillac and chevy...

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