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  2. I don't want to watch it, but, like... I just want to, like, know... are birds, like, still dying?
  3. huge link
  4. what the #$%#
  5. Ahhh hahahaha
  6. Whoa, have you like tried this acid. This is like far out stuff, it like put entropy and birds together like they belong as one. Like, whoa man.
  7. alien eyes woah
  8. Such an emo/goth.
  9. and, why are they so, like mean.
  10. I could only watch/listen to a few seconds of that until every other #$%#ing word became "like" like STFU!!!!
  11. teenage emos are so stupid. she should go cut herself in the corner
  12. so deep... wow man like wow
  13. dude, there are bad things happening every day. the bird is a symbol of that. she really understands pain and sadness and she wanted to share her moment with the bird.
  14. a dead bird being a sign for all the things wrong in this world.

    she made the video to show she wasn't a poser, now all shes shown is how stupid she is.
  15. the best part is looking at the comments on that one hahahah
  16. Clearly she has never had any real tragedy/sadness in her life if a #$%#ing bird is a huge moment. I've had rabbits drown in my pool and it wasn't a "moment".
  17. bingo.
  18. I've hit birds with my car (Got them stuck in the grill)
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  20. When I was in elemntry school waiting for my bus, I saw a daddy duck and a mommy duck. Well the Mommy duck took flight right infront a minivan, and exploded in a plume of feathers, and was on the ground motionless. Even then, I wasnt as #$%#ed up as this girl was, and I actually saw the damn bird get hit.
  21. i ran over a dog infront of the family. i cried then
  22. That would tear me up.
  24. "I like, saw this dead bird, and like, birds are dying! So I like, hope you understand that I'm not like, a poser, but like, I really like, understand like, pain and sadness."

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