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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Homero, Aug 9, 2002.

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    wow, I pity you. you haven't had any good sex, that's for sure.

    Saying all sex is the same is like saying all cars are the same, since they all have an engine and four wheels.

    That is an absolute pitiful analysis of sex. wow! You're truly deprived.

    Anyways....this is a car forum so I guess it's expected that a bunch of people are voting for the car over the sex.


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    We all know you're an idiot....
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    Well, I've had sex with really beautiful women before. I'm not braggin. I was in the US Navy for 4 years and had many port visits throughout the Medditerranian, French Riviera, North Western Europe, Bahammas, Miami Florida, and New York City. Beautiful women in all those places. Unfortunatly, I never got to go to Austrailia and do a Unnitass to South America. But I did have some really great sex with some damn hella fine ass women. Now the closes I've ever came to a Ferrari was at the MonteCarlo Casino and Hotel when my ship anchored outside Villefrenche, France. The cars that were there was a Ferrari 550 Merellano, Ferrari 355 Spider,Lamborgini Diablo, and I think an Austin Martin. The only thing I was able to do was look, not touch. So now in this situation if it were possible, I'll take the Enzo. That's a once in a life time offer. I don't think I could live with myself if I turned down that opportunity.

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    Your a weak desprate man. You give into a womans body like a drolling dog that you are and have no back bone. I bet your someone who gets draged around on a leash all day long by a woman and the only time you feel domionant is when your screwing some skank that everyones had a shot at. Its pathetic that you live your life for lust
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    Dude, I dont see any pics

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    Maybe because that post is MONTHS old.
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    If I'm weak and desperate, then all men are..........well I suppose this is deserved. I took a shot at you so you have to take one at me.

    One thing I can say though is that outsiders will probably consider my stance a little more reasonable than yours. Sex doesn't feel the same with different women, and it sucks for you that you think it does.


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    Enzo or Sex?

    Theres more to life than sex. I would rather experience something that I might never have a shot at in my life again (Driving the Enzo) rather than experience something that nowadays is as common as talking with someone. Id rather open my horozion to new things than the same stuff over and over. Peoples preception of life and events in life are EXTREAMLY subjective. Many people have in their minds that if someone is hot than that sex is going to be much better than someone who is unattractive. Thats false you could be with a hot woman every night and it could have no emotion or speical feeling to it compared to someone that you are turly in love with. Its all in your head. Also people have made it that there is something about sex that no other experience can even touch...well that I am sorry for those people have havent truly experienced life and what it has to offer. No hard feelings didnt mean to rant on you like a dick
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    that makes a hell of a lot more sense then what you said before.......

    you were saying that all sex is the same since all women have the same thing between their legs. Now you're saying that the emotional connection to the woman dictates the quality of the sex more than her physical prowess does. I totally agree with that.

    Glad we got it clarified. I definitely no longer feel pity for you, etc hahaha.

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    Enzo or Sex?

    Alright cool, glad we can be past that
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    I'm still kind of baffled with how we managed to be discussing this on a car forum. then again it was me that started this thread.
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    But, see, when you think about it, that's actually a very unique thread in a positive way. It involves the most beautiful car ever made by an exotic car manufacture whose got over 40 years of making the most exotic cars with excellent high performance and any beautiful woman of your choice. Enzo or Sex is a damn good topic and it has been very interesting reading everyone's opinion on this matter.

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    60 Years in 2007

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    Yup, Ferrari was founded in 1947.
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    60 years is a long ass time. Plus all them historical achievements they have. Ferrari deffenently has bragging rights!
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    so, does anyone else want to cast a vote?

    -sex with the woman of your choice (supermodel, adult model, actress, etc) for one hour


    -drive the Enzo wherever you want for one hour.

    lilcuree..y is ur tenth fav car the enzo...not ur first


    I HOPE thats not in order, becasue he has a Z4 3.0 as number 4 lol.

    This is the most overpriced car ever made! End of story, you people obsess over a car thats not worth half of its cost that none of you will ever obtain anyway!


    But let me guess, you like the M3. A car that GETS HAMMERED by the less expensive ZO6. BMW's are overpriced crap. Just look at the new 7,5 and Z4....the ugliest cars on the planet.

    I'm not obsessed with BMW son. Just love the M3 because for what they cost they are very fast and have excellent handling. The Z06 could beat an M3 in certain things yes but not everything kid.


    M3 gets beat easily by a ZO6 for 10 grand less, KID.
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    Thats cool....i dont think there supercars thouhg...I've seen a 456gta, 575M, Enzo, four 355 f1's and spiders, two 360's, three 512's, two Testarossas, two 348 challenges, Lambo Diablo, three NSX's, a few Rolls, and the best of them all, a Grand-am GTS mustang, although i can see that 1 whenever

    BluCam you're a funny little kid. Learn about cars k? The M3 is a much better car overall than the ZO6 and so what the ZO6 can beat it on certain things but oh well? How did we get so off topic? or did I just hurt your little ego?

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