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    and, is driving all about figures?
  2. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

    umm the viper venom 1000 can kill both cars. ok maybe not kill but beat. thats a facT!!!!!
  3. What supercars have u seen?

    man my list is fairly long..... here goes.....(many cars are multiples)

    koenigsegg cc8s
    spyker c8
    mclaren f1 Lm (twice)
    mercedes mclaren slr's
    mercedes clk gtr
    mercedes cl65's, sl65's
    mercedes cl55's, sl55's, cls55's, e55's, clk55's
    saleen s7
    aston martin vanquish's
    aston martin db7's, db9's
    bentley continental gt's, flying spur's
    bentley arnage t's, arnage r's
    lotus esprit tt's
    lotus elise's
    jaguar xj220's
    porsche 911 gt2's, gt'3
    porsche 911 gt1
    porsche carerra gt's
    porsche 911 turbo's
    (porsche) gembella gtr 650
    lamboghini muira
    lamborghini murcielago's
    lamborghini gallardo's
    lamborghini diablo's
    lamborghini countach's
    ferrari enzo's
    ferrari f50
    ferrari f40
    ferrari f430's
    ferrari 360's, 360 spider's
    ferrari 355's, 355 spider's
    ferrari 348's
    ferrari testarossa's
    ferrari 308's, 308 turbo
    ferrari 512i (race modified)
    ferrari 328's
    ferrari 550's
    ferrari 550 barchetta's
    ferrari 575
    ferrari superamerica
    ferrari dino
    dodge viper gts's, acr, srt-10's, srt-10 coupe's
    ford gt's
    ford gr-1 concept
    ford svt mustang cobra r
    ford mustange gt-r concept
    rolls royce phantom's
    rolls royce silver seraph (spelling...?)

    i know there are tons more than im forgeting. i'm sure some of you will not believe me but i live in sarasota, fl which is a very expensive town. most of the cars i've seen here live out on siesta key (one of the top ten beaches in the world). i've also been to a lot of car shows. oh yeah, i work at a car wash, and we get some sweet cars in there too.
  4. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

    Yeah and the 1000hp Lingenfelter C6 Z06 can kick that viper's ass like every lingenfelter has before it. Hell I'll put my favorite car, the shelby cobra, on here with the 750 hp option from the shelby factory. 750 hp on a 2400lb car compared to your viper's 1000hp on a hefty 3500lb car. How bout that? Sadly we're not talking about cars that are outrageously modified from their stock form. So stick to the subject of enzo and S7, since they are not modified in any way, shape, or form.

    P.S. The viper still wouldn't handle as well as either of these cars on a track.
  5. This or Carrera GT?

    ))-- ! . !COMMENT HAS BEEN DELETED! . ! --((
  6. Saleen S7 is better than Enzo

    Look i don't thimk that saleen is ever going to be better than ferrari the ferrari enzo is the best.Saleen can't even get near the royalty of ferrari why because Saleen was created by different companies.
  7. This or Carrera GT?

    youre so full of shit its not even funny. Your website is a total joke. Most of those cars are owned by well known celebreties.
  8. This or Carrera GT?

    Well if u have money to buy ether one of them (which i'm sure u have..not) why dont u by a CCR or pagani zonda, they are both faster than the enzo
  9. This or Carrera GT?

    To: phanofmuzik2

    If u think my site is shit, at least i have a website.
    and all cars in my site are really owned ME!
    NOT KIDDING!!!!!!

  10. This or Carrera GT?

    your right he is full of shit
  11. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

  12. This or Carrera GT?

    why would you want such a crap car like a ferrari any way their expensive they look crap and sound bad (get a rota)

    Racing history hardly matters when it comes to comparing street supercars, especially with a much younger company (less than a fifth of the age of Ferrari).

    But using that logic, how many races has Ferrari won compared to Mercedes? (Mercedes won the first recorded car race in history, and has been winning for over a hundred years). Does that make the SLR McLaren better than the Enzo? (They are close, but the Enzo is slightly faster).

    Using racing figures as support to decide which STREET car is better does not prove a point.

    By the same logic, how many races has Ferrari won compared to Mercedes? Less I assure you (Mercedes won the first race in history, and has continued to win for over one hundred years). Does that mean that the SLR McLaren is better than the Enzo? (Not quite, but close).
  15. Saleen S7 is better than Enzo

    The Saleen is not as good as an Enzo around a race track and thats whats important.

    Saleens are American and Americans still have yet to make a proper handling supercar.
  17. This or Carrera GT?

    Rotary lover, you are one complete fool. An Enzo sounds awesome.
  18. Enzo or Carrera GT?

    Enzo all the way Enzo217 mph Carra 205 mph
  19. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

    All american so called super cars are posers enzo beats s7 aneyday!
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  21. FXX vs. Ferrari Enzo.
  22. FXX vs. Ferrari Enzo.

    the ferrari enzo FXX is better than ferrari enzo enzo
  23. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

    Ok.. This is kind of a shot in the dark, but here it goes. The S7 is a purebred GT1 homoligation car, and the Enzo, though technillogically advanced, is a road car alone. I haven't read anything about the Enzo having a flat bottom, whitch I THINK the saleen has. The s7 does have some pretty extensive ground effects, and according to EVO's critics, it handles as if the hand of God keeps it from slipping. Saleen's website tells me that the body of the tt generates more than the car's weight in downforce at 160mph, so this analysis sounds credible. The Enzo is rarer, more hyped, has a better sound, and is more beautiful (in my opinion)... so it's more desirable. But the less desirable S7 is merely functional and wins in the wind tunnel. I'd rather have an Enzo, but the S7 has alot more downforce at high speed.

    I do know that the Merc. CLK GTR has a flat bottom and is probably as good aerodynamically as the saleen. If it wasn't, it would just be a matter of increasing the rake. It's beautiful too, and has a V12... beats an S7tt in the 1/4. That's where I'd be inclined to spend my millions if I had them... I know it's off topic, but what the hey.
  24. FXX vs. Ferrari Enzo.

    Lets see... Be a part of ferrari's R&D and have a say in the design of the next ferrari supercar with a rather sweet weekend toy to boot, OOOOR you could drive a car that's 6 seconds slower around Fioriano and have no responsibilities at all. Man, that's a tough choice!
  25. proove that saleen s7 is faster than enzo

    No one needs proof that the S7 is faster than the Enzo its obvious. Top speed for the Enzo is 218mph and for the S7 its about 220-225, and the new Twin Turbo gets to 60 under 3 seconds and tops out at 230+. Enzo would be eating a lot of dust.

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