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  1. Worthless thread.
  2. just making a point idiot
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    When it comes to price / performance ratio? The Saleen S7 TT (750 hp) is one of the best deals out there.

    Click this link and read the performance stats that the Saleen S7 is in competition with:

    Bang for buck, it is the best, actually. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Then we can talk about the Saleen S7 TT Competition, with over 1030 hp. That's even more amazing.

    The Saleen S7.R has set track records around the world, including one at Le Mans 24 hr.
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    S7 is great, but price/performance, Ultima
  5. The S7 uses twin turbos.Twin turbos on an Enzo Carrera GT or MC12 or Zonda F would beat a S7 in ANY contest you pick.
  6. saleen is probably the greatest american car made ever
    u gotta give it credit
  7. screw you asshole.
  8. I know this car beats most everything from Europe...Just look at the latest race results from the Euro LeMans and GT race series. Why anyone on this forum would even think to compare this car to a Mustang is beyond me. I mean, steel space frame wrapped in carbon fiber, mid-engine rear weight bias and that's just scratching the surface! If you option up to the 1036 HP. version, I doubt there are many cars on the planet you have to worry about. Oh yeah, the S7 still holds a lap speed record at LeMans! Must really suck in the handling department I guess.
  9. this is such an unintelligent thread.
  10. The S7 was not really an American car.It was contracted out to a European company.Come back later and I'll find the link.I was suprised.
  11. your ****ing retarded.

    it could smoke them around most tracks. Will outhandle just about all of them, beat them on a dragstrip.

    i'm not saying that the enzo, cgt, zondaf etc. are shit, they're great cars, but speed is not how you judge how good a car is.
  12. Let me guess, because you said so. Oh wow great way to support your claim.
  13. you must be retarded. Great reasoning on that post moron.
  14. I was refering to over all performance not just speed. For example the Dauer 962 is better in all departments and specs. Hell of a lot more expensive but I figure if you can by either money is not a concern.
  15. the saleen is the best supercar of the year 2007
  16. The only cars that will beat this also feature at least 2 turbos. Go figure.
  17. This is an incredibly dumb argument.

    1. The MC12 is little more than a re-skinned Enzo. They have the same engine and chassis and are produced by the same company (Fiat Group).

    2. All of the cars you mentioned are powered by delicate and precise European V10s and V12s that were designed to be naturally aspirated. Attaching trash-can sized turbos to a beautifully crafted engine such as the masterpiece in the Enzo makes as much sense as slapping a gigantic plastic wing onto the back of your minivan because it would ruin the throttle response and power curve and would require additional cooling equipment (which adds weight). The Saleen's engine is an big American V8, the best possible engine for turbocharging. Why do you think Vipers own all the drag/standing mile/hp records and why do you think SSC used a twin-turbo V8 to create the world's fastest car (Ultimate Aero TT)? Putting turbos on a Saleen S7 make great sense. Putting them on cars like the Carrera GT or Enzo or Zonda makes no sense. Thus this is an irrelevant comparion...

    I rest my case
  18. I love Italian technology as much as enzo himself, but for pure, reliable, driveable POWER there is no beating a huge chunk of American Iron. with 105 octane E-85 at the pumps, 2,000 HP street V-8s are a possibility
  20. Enzo!
  21. what can you buy for around �300k?? McMerc SLR 626bhp, Porsche Carrera GT 612bhp, Pagani Zonda F 605bhp, Saleen S7 TT 750bhp.
  22. Hey, arclight..., Did you know Road & Track tested this against the Bugatti Veyron 16/4, a de-tuned IRL (Indy Racing League) race car, the Hennessey Viper Venom SRT-10 1000TT, Lingenfelter Corvette 427TT, a Suzuki Turbo Haybusa...Oh, btw, the Saleen S7TT was second to only the tubo haybusa in these categorises:







    1/4 mile and standing mile tests, as well.
  23. OH....WOW...., its like you said with your first post quoting him, "Let me guess, because you said so. Oh wow great way to support your claim." So, right back at'ya, buddy!

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