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  1. yes, being from america, i do not understand concepts that dont include guns or executing retarded people.
  2. GO EURO TRASH! Zonda is far better. I have said this before, and I will re-iterate it. The Saleen S7 is in essence, a Mustang
  3. lmao, that is by far the dumbest thing i have heard on this site ever. no joke. theres so many dumb statements on this site everyday, but this one has to be the dumbest ive ever read.

    its sooo hard not to list all the ways you're an idiot but im doing my best so i dont waste my time because you're too dumb to get it anyway.
  4. While i also believe the S7 is a great car i'll refrain from posting a fanboyish comment like most of the comments in this thread.
  5. the s7 is nice but i think the enzo, cgt and zonda are far better, they are better enginered and are polished of better, and no im not an 'american car hater', this is just my opinion.
  6. ya'll shut up
  7. maybe the s7TT is great, and looks better than the most cars in this site, but passion is allso important. pagani, ferrari, lamborghini, porsche, bugatti etc... all those brands have lots of passion. and european and also japanese cars have good acceleration, good topspeed, and vicious traction and handling, american cars only have the acceleration. this might have VERY good acceleration and i have heared that its topspeed is 418km/h! and it probably has the best handling of all american cars (maybe)! but american cars does their best in a straight line, i know a plenty of european and japanese cars that would smoke this on a curved circuit!!!!!!!!!
  8. Its somthing to be Proud of i think, even if you cnt afford this id just get the normal S7 cus it looks gd
  9. Saleen sucks its nice but its crap because is jus
  10. Saleen sucks its nice but its crap because is jus
  12. hahahahaha, you idiot
  13. no more drunk posting for you
  14. Let me put this straight:

    Ferrari Enzo: 660bhp
    Porsche Carrera GT: 610bhp
    Saleen S7 (old): 550bhp

    Top speed:
    Ferrari Enzo: 215mph
    Porsche Carrera GT: 205mph
    Saleen S7 (old): 220+mph

    Not only does the S7 produce less power than both of those, but it also creates more downforce than both of them put together, and it still goes over 5kmh faster than they do.

    THATS what I call good engineering.

    Now just think about what a 750-1100bhp version of the S7 could possibly do?
  15. Buy me one now!!!
  16. Well, for one, the S7 has more grip and slaloms faster than ANY of the cars that you listed. It also will stop in shorter distances than the others. It is also much purer than the others. While most exotics have given up purity, passion, and light-weight for heavy luxuries and conviniences, the S7 doesn't even have power brakes, let alone anything like traction control! It also has a race engine, unlike the Enzo, the Murcielago, the Veyron, etc.

    Also, on the topic of passion. WTF?! Porsches have no passion whatsoever! When you see literally HUNDREDS OF THEM every single day, and they are all completely IDENTICAL, all with automatics (yes, nobody drives them the way their supposed to.)

    The average 911 driver (and I know this from personal experience) is an upper-class, middle-aged white woman who drives it to the saloon every other day. No bullshit! However, people who drive, say, old musclecars, for examples. They have passion. They race em hard and race em alot.

  17. Well, i guess youre right about that... but there is some porsches that is passioned, like the gt3 or carrera gt etc... and the rest (911, 911 carrera, boxter, boxter s, etc) is not rare at all!!! and there is passioned american cars, yes. like rare dodge charger or ford mustangs from the sixties.

    but its strange that the normal s7 goes faster than many cars and have twice the downforce and less power... does'nt downforce create drag??? it must be GREAT engineering, or just a lie, very strange indeed!
  18. i take back what i said about the s7!!! ot has passion too... some examples for that is the v8, the engine that usa makes best!!! and the s7 is also very rare, compared to porsches anyway... and saleen says that they worked very hard on this car. "blood, sweat and tears!" they said! and saleen is a very good car.
  19. Fantastic engineering, the S7 is a true masterpiece.
  20. why don't we invite sar here?
  21. no duh even though my all time favrite is mclaren f1, i love the s7 its got speed looks and american heratige....f1 for life!
  22. omg this car is soo kickass...i would so choose this over the enzo just because its faster in like every single possible way...including the 0-60 now that they upgrade that cus the regular saleen wasnt faster than the enzo but the regular saleen would eventually catch up to the enzo and wave bye bye...this no just like a bye bye at the beginning HAHa ROFL lol i love saleen!
  23. this stuff is so expensive man
  24. You're not alowwed to have a T1 in your av for such stupidity.

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