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  1. Do the words Mclaren F1, Bugatti Veyron, Koensigegg or Chrysler ME 412 register in your mind? Saleen S7 is definitely the best american car but not overall and definitely not for style or looks.
  2. dont mean to be anal but he doesnt have a T1 in his profile, its a HULME
  3. Dammit you're right, only took a glance.
  4. The S7 will easily toast any Euro super car. The Bugatti Veyron won't even beat this car after 100 mph. The only reason the Veyron beats this car is the all-wheel drive helps it get off the line faster. FYI, for an additional fee, Saleen has two optional engine upgrades rated at 900hp and 1200 hp. They just can't sell them with the car. You have to leave the lot, and come back before they can legally install them in a road car.
  5. i agree but this is my favorite american made supercar
  6. Just for you info, Saleen has a 1000hp version of the s7 that no other supercar could even dream of coming close to beating in any race.
  7. wow, this thread is epicly horrible
  8. I would not say the s7 is the best supercar around.It preforms great on straight streches but I'ts looks seem outdated and does not coner the best.I'm kind of tired of Saleen often stating est (estimate) for top speeds as was the with this car in quite a few car mags I read.Good,yes great,probably, the best, no way.
  9. The CCX would beat it in all catagories.Same top speed slower to 60 though but much better on the quarter mile which is stated wrong on the site here. It's really 9.89 9.9. It varried on a few tests.
  10. never leave the indies
  11. this thread went to hell
  12. Does not corner the best???

    You do know the S7 makes about twice the downforce an Enzo or Carrera GT does, right?
  13. Lol. In real life, the standard S7TT wins off the line to 60, and thorugh the quarter, due to the CCX having more power, thus more wheelspin. And, due to the CCX's #$%#ed up power delivery, the S7 outguns it in midrange acceleration.
  14. Saleen rocks.
  15. no, the reason the s7 is faster off the line is because it has more power off the line. the ccx has a supercharger and thus the boost is proportional to the RPMs. at low rpms, its making very little power [and torque] only at the higher rpms will it make good power.

    for example, [this doesnt work out exactly because cars dont have even power curves but bare with me] when a NA car with redline of 6000 is at 3000rpm, it is making ~half of its potential power, when a supercharged car with same redline is at 3k, it is only making one quarter of its potential, because the supercharger is only putting out half of its peak boost

    with turbos its different because they can be at peak potential off the line if you keep them spooled
  16. Actually, the only thing that matters straight off the line, are the tires.

    Both of these cars have well enough power to spin to wheels to 70+mph, so wether one has 800 horsepower and 600 pounds of torque, and the other has ten times that much, if the tires are no better, it wont go off the line faster.

    Of course, AWD/weight distribution are just as big of a factor.
  17. The S7 has more of its weight in the back. I mean, looks at the Speed 12, it's nigh impossible to drive, because it has as much torque as the S7, but its weight is distributed towards the front, making traction unattainable until higher speeds.
  18. I dont know about the S7.

    But the Speed 12 has 50/50 distribution.

    Edit: The Speed 12's problem with grip is that its road tires are from the Ferrari F50. As good as those tires can be for that 550-or-so horsepower car, they simply cant handle nearly a thousand.

    When you fit the Speed 12 with slicks however, its perfectly drivable. It just needs better tires.
  19. The S7 is closer to 58/42 I think. But yes, tires are a big problem.
  20. I think that this car could beat a bunch of European cars on a road course. Including a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Murcialego, Ferarris, and Porsches.
  21. How can you say Saleen is the best.There are a number of cars out there that preform nearly as good but are natually aspirated.Twin turbos on an Enzo Carrera GT or MC12 would ass rape a S7.
  22. not even close bud.
  23. I know this car beats most everything from Europe...Just look at the latest race results from the Euro LeMans and GT race series. Why anyone on this forum would even think to compare this car to a Mustang is beyond me. I mean, steel space frame wrapped in carbon fiber, mid-engine rear weight bias and that's just scratching the surface! If you option up to the 1036 HP. version, I doubt there are many cars on the planet you have to worry about. Oh yeah, the S7 still holds a lap speed record at LeMans! Must really suck in the handling department I guess.
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  25. Unfortunately........there bud, Maserati tried racing in the same category as the S7R, which in several seasons in ALMS, would loose in overall season ending championship standings, (which was called MC12 Corse). Now one of those machines you had mentioned like, the Carrera GT has already a twin turbo form of it; named the Gemballa Mirage Evolution TT, making 1000bhp.......OH...BTW!

    Now the hole idea of twin turbos on the Enzo and Maserati's reworked and re-skinned form of the Enzo called; the MC12. Plus, imagine if the turbos were using either twin-skroll or VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry), with custom made exhaust manifolds (i.e aka, turbo manifolds), which would have individual primary, "equal length" tubing. That certainly would make ONE helluva race, though against the S7TT!

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