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  2. Its hard to tell if anyone on here actually owns a Saleen S7 but I wanted to throw out a tip for those who do... I've been a trico neoform guy for a while now, but this time I tried 'trico tech beam blades' for the saleen S7. Apparently, they just came out in late 2009 and what's cool is they have a new, lower, slightly off-set attachment mounting that allows the wiper arms to sit slightly lower. The trico techs are also beefy as hell and look awesome with the lower mounts. They wipe clean and quietly without chatter. Came with removal and replacement instructions - easy install. Picked them up online and the techs actually cost less than the neoforms.
  3. Its easy because if you...REALLY think about it the only 3 vehicles that can match are the, '95 McLaren F1 and '07 Koenigsegg CCXR and the '10 Koenigsegg CCXR Tervita...THAT'S it! Because lets face it the, '94 Dauer 962LM, '06 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron, '07 SSC Ultimate Aero TT and the '88 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette, are just too much vehicle for this to take on straight-up, (in a REAL race, that is)!
  4. Sallen is good but compared to something like a Zonda it is SHIT CRAP

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