Saleen + NOS = Match Made In Heaven

Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang SR' started by NOS RULES, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this car would rock the world of racing. look out rice rocket proxy! this car could be coming through!!!
  2. Re: Saleen + NOS = Match Made In Heaven

    Why is NOS so great? It sucks. You can give any car NOS, that doesn't mean it's a match made in heaven. wtf....look out rice rockets. C'mon those are crap cars. And NOS doesn't make the car that great, it destroys the engine just for getting a quick boost. All in all you have seen THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS too many times and don't know jack about cars. Just because they used NOS in the movie doesn't mean the car is great. I don't see RUF puttin NOS in their cars. Hmmmmmm......i wonder why?!
  3. Re: Saleen + NOS = Match Made In Heaven

    And what do you mean watch out rice rockets? Who in their right mind spends around 158 G's on their rice rocket!? It's a joke what you're saying.

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