Saleen rolls out first post-Saleen car

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    Saleen will offer a commemorative 25th anniversary Mustang as its first product of the post-Steve Saleen era. The 25th Anniversary Sterling Edition Ford Mustang S302E has a supercharged 5.0-liter, 620-hp, 600-lb-ft V8, custom 20-inch wheels, special suspension and brakes, 25th anniversary interior and exterior badging, and a parts catalog worth of extras.

    Cost: $100,000 -- and that's if you can get one. Saleen will sell just 25 of the cars, with deliveries beginning in March. Oh, and if you buy one, it comes with a first-class trip to Troy, Michigan, for an executive-guided tour of Saleen's assembly plant (where Vipers are painted and Ford GTs were built), a Saleen leather jacket and custom car cover, and a photo album documenting your car's build and delivery.

    Steve Saleen, who founded the company bearing his name 25 years ago, resigned last year ("Saleen Minus Saleen," AW, May 28, 2007). Investment firm Hancock Park Associates has owned the company since 2003. Hancock Park added Michigan-based American Specialty Cars to its stable in 2007 and merged the two specialty manufacturers. (Autoweek)
  2. looks and sounds like a wild ride
  3. I didnt know dodge had the vipers painted at saleen. that'd be such a badass place to work
  4. No.
  5. HA
  6. Nice to see Saleen is going strong without Saleen. Good for them, because they have a bright future and great products.
  7. I'm happy to see a 5.0 in a Mustang again.
  8. 100k and no IRS? what a joke
  9. you're a #$%#ing joke, I'm a shove a straight axle staight up your asshole
  10. you're a #$%#ing joke, I'm a shove a straight axle staight up your asshole
  12. Ugh, $100k for a Mustang.
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  14. Ugh
  15. UGH
  17. but you get a leather jacket ....
  18. Seems stupidly expensive... But the people paying 100K now might have the last laugh 20-30 years from now when it's worth millions(with inflation accounted for it certainly will be).
  19. drag racing you biatch
  20. looks pretty nice.
  22. What a joke. Why buy this when there are so many cars of better engineering and quality available for the same price?

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