Saleen S5

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  1. i love it
  2. Reminds me of a Gallardo kinda
  3. The only thing I didn't like about Saleen (steve saleen) is now gone. Good to see they can still do it. Hope the response is sufficient for production.
  4. don't like the angle of the headlights/need to be bigger... looks awkward from a 3/4 front angle.
  5. if it looks like that, it will win,
  6. looks like the VW W12 concept
  8. looks too much like the gallardo
  9. Which in turn looks like a squished in S7
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  11. thats awesome.
  12. holy #$%#, i had no they could make something so, not, tacky. and just so great looking.

    if this makes production/looks just like this, it will be one of the best looking and most solid looking supercars on the street.
  13. Wow, after seeing the little thumbnail up top I was zZz hard, but after seeing the other larger pics I am 8====D harder.

    I love how it gives me a vibe of being an 'old school' exotic car. Smoothe & sleek, not too many bits and pieces going on.
  14. This shot makes it look like a JGTC racer. Me likey.
  15. like i said in the other thread, its not a successor to the S7, and that disappoints me which may end up killing this car for me in the long run. though this leaves room for them to develop another hypercar
  16. It looks great, so much more compact than the S7, which is really gigantic for a 2 seat car.
  17. I hope don't they change much from the production version.
  18. those lines, they are perfect.

    It looks like an 80`s drawing of a future supercar.
  19. yeah, i cant wait for the S7 replacement to be announced, which does need to happen soon, as its starting to look far too dated/tacky compared to other cars on the market. something like this, maybe a little more over the top, would be perfect.

    actually this is just such an amazing car, the next S7 is really going to have to be insane.

    also the price of this is really a bargin as well.
  20. its really not, theyre much smaller in real life than on pictures.

    this is what one looks like from a distance with people as a reference
  21. I've seen them in person for years, at much closer distances than that, the exotic dealership I used to take pictures for sells S7s, they're big . Well, mostly long, this car is a lot more compact.
  22. If you had a position working with "sells," shouldn't you be able to spell that position?
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