Saleen S5

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  1. Please don't call it a "Raptor".
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    Yep, Dome S102. It'll run the for the first time April 7th at Suzuka.
  3. Not bad for an Amerikan supercar, definitely looks better than S7
  5. Volkswagen W12 synchro concept
  6. man stop posting yellow cars and saying they're alike just because they're yellow
  7. just open your eyes and mind to see the similarities
  8. man u trippin
  10. nigger
  11. first time i agree with you.
  12. they are both awesome looking cars, so yes, they are similar
  13. Dauer 962 LeMans & Ruf CTR Yellowbird
  14. Serinus canaria & Helianthus annuus
  16. You're awesome.
  18. shit. i just made another thread about this.

    love it though

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