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  1. if ford realli bring this thing back, is ford gonna race le mans with it as well? if ford like it has done before, go all out factory effort to put this thing on the tracks with the s7 and the corver, dunno if it can reclaim the glory of the past. the car has racing written all over it, i would realli want to c this thing go on the track again and c how its heairtage takes on the challenge of the morden day le mans. <!-- Signature -->
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    The Saleen S7 is way better looking than the GT40. Also more powerful and for sure it will be better in a race track.
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    but remeber, i say on the track of lemans, with a ford FULL factory effot. dunno if ford can be as good as it used to be<!-- Signature -->
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    i know that the S7 would do better on the track. the S7 is more of a modern racer, where this can't go over 180mph (they say it's not stable)<!-- Signature -->
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    As for the stability problems above 180, that's easy to solve with the correct aerodynamics package. As far as reclaiming Le Mans glory of the GT40 of old, it won't happen with this car. The class distinctions have come so far at Le Mans that I don't think anything that would compete in the GTS category (I'm guessing that's what a GT40 would be) could ever solidly compete, much less beat the LMP 900 class. The Audi R8s have proven that even at the top of their game, the GTS Vipers, Corvettes, and S7s can't compete for an overall victory. While I would love to see something the likes of a GT40 bring home the 24 for the US and Ford, it just won't happen. If you wanna talk class, then pick GTS, have it be Ford v. Chevy v. Saleen and let the Americans duke it out for the scraps while the Germans win for the ____ straight year.
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    I think that the GT40 has a very real chance at making a name for itself on the circuit. I can understand the unstability at 180 mph it appears to be more aerodynamic than it might actually be. However, I have never seen a stock trim viper or corvette in the GTS classes, so you can almost count on front lip additions and the revising of the radiator air outlet to act as a front wing like on the shelby series 1. plus making the rear scoops more effective along with rear lip and bumper revisions to increase downforce while minimizing drag, making a more stable car. I hope
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    IT would give saleen a good run for its money in the quarter mile. ovel track....thats where the problems start. not a good top speed compared to the s7. put on a better blower know...major power. its like a drag car with out the blower your back down to 2000hp instead of 6000-7000.
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    the fact is that these are bear bones "race" cars. the GT40 doesn't even have power windows, locks, or mirrors (i'm sure about the mirrors) not that that stuff makes much of a difrence but it just shows you what they've done to make it lite. but the S7 is something like 1200lbs less then the new lambo (sorry i don't know how to spell it) and the fact that it's got 50 more hp and is almost a street leagle race car.

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