Saleen S7 vs. McLaren F1

Discussion in '2000 Saleen S7' started by SupraRacerNOS, Apr 21, 2003.

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    I don't know any car that can beat the F1 on a race track. Yeah, yeah, the S7 would be close, but in any case, the McLaren can crack any other car's ass. If anyone of you knows a better car than the F1 please, please, tell me.
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    I got ma money ont eh mclaren F1 because it is like the best exotic in the world. the saleen is a great car but still the mclaren f1 is a king. one thing a couple of u forgot is that the 1 won Le Mans in 1995 over big competitors while the saleen is in GTS
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    They have changed the classes since then though. The Mclaren was in the GT1 class of 95. But Saleen hs not been a big contender to the GTS class. It lags behind the Ferrari and the vette. But is that because Steve Saleen is helping with the Ford GT at the moment?
  5. Why are "THEY IDIOTS!?", just cause they and I point out that the S7 would put up a great race with this........and oh, btw I'm one of those who happens to like this machine as well. So would that make me an idiot, too? It's not that I'm saying the McLaren F1 would loose in all categories but what some of us are trying to say is that this would make a great challenge to the all mighty McLaren F1 just look at Euro LeMans and some events in ALMS especially in the year 2001 for example as well, shore it didn't dominate Circuit de Sarthe the way McLaren did way back in 1993-1997 in the 24 Hours of LeMans, which the S7R didn't in the 24 hour race. Or what the McLaren has done in FIA GT Championship since 1993 in it's class, but the Saleen S7R has dominated Euro LeMans and FIA GT Championship in it's class for at least several years or more now, and shore it's a race car, but what do you think helped with the race car's overseas triumphant success it's because more than ten years of research and development of the regular S7 that we all see before us, also are you implying Steve Saleen's streetcar/race car pales in comparison just because of it using a V8 and not using a V12 instead?

    If so please let me know.....oh btw, read up on a different forum of the Saleen S7TT stewdee has some info like some of the information above in greater detail, of course it's brought to you by him from me. Oh, I happen to love all the McLarens that were made in 1995-1997, especially the the F1 LM, just thought I'd let you know about that, buddy.

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