Saleen S7R vs McLaren F1

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  1. tests have the s7 beating the mac to 60, but the mclaren does better in the quarters. but the s7 hasnt been tested much, especially since the 2004 model changes. the s7 would win on a track easy. the s7-r IS a race car, while the f1 was made to be a road car, not a race car for the street. its handling is nowhere near the level of the street s7. the f1 lm or a race version would be closer, but id say the s7 would beat the f1 on a track
  2. I think you will find some interesting release for Saleen S7Rs as Oreca and Saleen have formed a partnership to camapign the S7 for 06 with A 2 Car race effort. If you are not familiar with Oreca they have won Lemans several times including the overall/ They also campaigned the factory Vipers for Dodge
  3. Look it up.
  4. I just thinking Saleen S7R loseing with McLaren F1 GTR. But Saleen S7 Twin turbo is Fastern car To McLaren F1 GTR. Mc Laren F1 GTR mass ios smaller than Saleen S7R
  5. F'ing dumbass!!! the S7R is a racecar too.
  6. who the hell are you to say that? SAR is the lead engineer on the saleen s7. he knows more about the car and its performance than everyone else on this website.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't an S7R just on pole at Monza 1000K last weekend? Ahead of C6R, Aston DB9's, Ferrari 430's, MC12's, Porsche's. Sounds like that dated old American supercar is still pretty fast.

    2007 LeMans series-
    The Saleen racing season is off to a great start. This past Easter weekend 4 S7R's took part in the French GT Championship. The weekend featured 2 1-hour races. In race #1, the No. 9 Oreca Saleen took the pole and the win and 3 of the 4 Saleen's finished in the top 5. In race #2, the No. 9 Oreca Saleen seemingly had the win again until a 30 second penalty for passing under the yellow relegated them to a 4th place finish. The No. 1 Oreca Saleen did podium with a 3rd place finish. All in all, race #2 saw 2 Saleen's in the top 5 and all 4 among the top 10 finishers
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    In this race I think Saleen S7R will win because it is a GT1 race car.So comparision should be with F1 GTR.But still S7R may win on most of the racetracks but then again F1 GTR doesn't have much laptimes for the same track(only 2 laptimes per track).So it may not be decisive
    Anyway here are some lap times for comparision from
    Track F1 GTR S7R
    Anderstorp 1:28.908 1:28.899
    Monza 1:43.045 1:47.101
    Le Mans 3:48.264 3:47.761
    Jarama 1:28.542 1:28.734
    Zhuhai 1:31.886 1:32.110

    But if it is the comparision with longtail version,longtail will blow it away.

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