Saleen's own car?

Discussion in '2001 Saleen S7R' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I can see very few similarities between this and the McLaren.
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    somebody feels dumb now->lol
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    Hey! They really look very similar but I didn't notice! Now that is very suspicious- with both cars having pure carbon-fibre bodies.
    Ladies and Gents, that is another proof of the unbeatable Europeans and the blundering, gas guzzling american cars.
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    Really dude besides the fact it looks nothink at all like the McLaren F1 it does look just like it.
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    Practically every magazine that has an article on the Saleen S7, states that the engine is a 7.0 Liter 427 cid FORD ENGINE which is modified by saleen.

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