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  1. The worst 'weed' ranks like 1-5 I've ever seen were in your neck of the woods.
  2. I just bought a chubbler. Chillum bubbler. It's pretty radical. Still really hard to figure out exactly how it works, and how I somehow don't get wet when I use it.
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    Running the gauntlet. But more importantly, when I hit the second piece, look for the WSU Cougar inlayed in silver in the glass. You can only see it for a second when I light the lighter. But it's bout it.
  4. have you used an ice pipe? normally glass with a wood mouth piece. they have a gel in them that doesnt expand, so you can put it in the freezer, then when you take your hits it goes through a series of curves to give it time to cool the smoke before you take it in. pretty #$%#ing nice hits off of them, for a pipe.

    they are damn near impossible to clean though (some have plug openings so you can scrape them at all the bends, but they are still rediculasly hard to clean, normally have to boil them...)
  5. we can get that a-town brown pound, but all I've managed to get recently comes from st. charles. it's 60s, but I don't need 60s to get high. people can say it's better here there wherever. I dunno so no comment but when you can't get it off your fingers and you can smell it right when it comes out the pocket I figure it doesn't really matter how much better who has what.

    truth be told, I #$%#in hate it. just a waste of my money when I can get just as high on commersh at my rate of smoke.
  6. That sounds pretty bradical. I never knew such a thing existed. It sounds kinda cute =]
  7. WTF was the head hooter? MSPaint me or link me!
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    dude, your #$%#ing nuts <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    i thought i was a stoner at my peak!
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    hahah random link off your vid post
  10. Yes. But it still isnt as good of a hit as that double perc we use most the time. I generally put very hot water in the bottom, as it hypothetically filters the smoke a little better (and it seems to be smoother), and in the top chamber, ice water, then about 4" of crushed ice. The ice works as a splash guard so you can clear it as fast and hard as you can, as well as obviously cooling the smoke. It's really like nothing else I've smoked out of.

    The price tag says alot too
  11. yeah, ive never had the oppertunity of using one, although ive seem them.
  13. that was hash kifers at the end too <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    edit: i had to run it 3 times before we got a good shot. my friend did the same
  14. you must have been dead at the end of that.
  15. Speaking on the subject or there arounds, I'ma be attending a superbowl party this weekend. Not really a party, just my old good friends kicking it, getting blitzed, munching shroomies, and having some toasts to da chicago burrs. similar plans for you?
  16. I'm eating mushrooms too
  17. imma not do any of that stuff <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  18. Just pretty baked. You gotta understand, we do smoke that much nearly every day.
  19. hjkagbjekgb! lol
  20. yeah, i never got in to it that much (ok i smoked a lot every day last month, but that was special)

    in high school i'd go through spurts, once smoking a 1/4 in a day, which was expensive as hell in ketchikan $125. but it was mudd bite, some of the best weed out there.
  21. You surely can get some of the best bud in the world up here.
  22. where are you? BC?
  23. i think seattle washington
  24. I meant 'here' as in the PNW. I was raised in Olympia, now live in Pullman, just working full time right now. I'll be back on the westside in about a year and a half probably. Maybe less. But yeah, I get bud from Olympia every Monday, in bulk generally.
  25. I love visiting my father and relatives on his side. Quite literally, the first thing anyone does is light up a joint before speaking. Then they say hello and share joints etc. My dad is the main supplier for the settlement so its pretty awesome.

    I love staying over and sleeping in the guest room, since it one of the rooms he grows his weed in his house. I always get a chuckle over that.

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