Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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  1. Will be officially unveiled tomorrow (9/4).

    I am eligible for an upgrade this month (Currently have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic). The flagship S4 is nice, but for an estimated $50 more, the Note 3 is supposed to come to the table with a lot more features and superior hardware.

    The Sony Xperia Z1 is also expected to be unveiled tomorrow.

    Any other phones worth waiting for this month?
  2. don't you think it''ll be a a little bit big?

    i like Sony's Z1 though, I would go that route

    (iphonse5 user)
  3. i have no reason to upgrade from my galaxy nexus. i don't use any apps
  4. Depends on how big it is, I don't think I'd want anything bigger than the S4, if I didn't already have that I would get the LG G2.
  5. I think the S4 is already too big.
  6. I got the note 2 and no regrets. Go for it
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    5.7" screen.
  8. I really don't understand why someone would want a screen over 4.5". Mine is only 4". Above 4.5" you can't reach the whole screen with one hand.

    I'm still waiting for more high end phones with smaller screen size. Apart from the Xperia ZR there aren't much alternatives.
  9. I find the Note too bulky.
  10. I have a nexus. Best phone ive owned. Only the on/off button is a bit shit at the moment. Contract expires in februari. No idea what to get next
  11. i got the Note 2. While it's #$%#ing awesome, I think that I should have bought something a touch smaller. I don't use my phone for all the dumbshit most people do. No Instagram, etc. Just phone, email, text and some basic facebook/internet browsing.
  12. I have a first Generation Note that I used in the UK when I was over there, it's one of the reasons I didn't get a Note II, it's an awesome phone, but I never used the stylus which is really the big Note-specific feature.

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