San Andreas is coming out...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CorksComeback, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. in the US on monday right?Cause i have a preorder and i forgot. is it monday or tuesday?
  2. Hm Ill have to preorder because I sure as hell want one.
  3. Pizza

    Wait, I mean Tuesday.
  4. Who cares, it's all about Metal Gear Solid 3.
  5. fudge, i was hoping monday. Oh well
  6. i think its monday, websites still say 25th
  7. It'll be Wednesday come 12:00AM.
  8. Friday week here damnit
  9. GameFAQs says 26th.
  10. yeah ill prolly just call eb games
  11. Just like the Olympics Australia is behind the US.
  12. gamestop says it ships the 25th, and i preordered it from them, so it better be on the 25th
  13. ouch, that really hurts.

    If you are so safe and secure in your mighty and superior nation, why do you feel threatened by Australia and Australians?
  14. They need to make it for XBOX.
  15. Get a PlayStation 2 or wait several months.
  16. To hell with Grand Theft Auto, next Monday is all about Ace Combat 5.
  17. Truth, and when is GT4 coming out?
  18. GT4 is coming out in 2007 I think.
  19. Word. But I'm still excited about GTA:SA.
  20. My preorder says 26th. If it ships on 25, it will arrive on 26 since they are shipped overnight express for canada/us
  21. I'd bet its on the 26th
  22. Lol, I also know it comes on the 26th since that is my Bday!
  23. PC is better.
  24. Its on the 26th. Even check out the release date on the end of the trailers.
  25. PC is better if you like waiting 6 months to play a game that most who own have already beaten. The only reason I got VC for PC was to download cars and such, and even then I didn't pay for it. Either way, SA is going to kick major ass. The only thing I might not like is the sim-like aspects of it such as eating and working out, etc...

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