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  1. so i was studying the body work on the S7 rather meticulously [to study the aerodynamics] and stumbled upon a few subtle differences between the latter model S7TTs [post 2005] to the originals. most significantly the litte brim above the front wheels that is missing in the original S7

    If it all possible can you give us a brief list of all the changes from the original to the S7TT and what purpose they serve

    the ones ive noticed so far
    -Different diffuser
    -Different wing
    -That brim thing on the front wheel arch
    -The little fins on the sides of the front wing
    -Differnt engine hatch

    i think thats it for now

    also what purpose does that long, narrow groove behind the rear wheels serve? if this was any other car, id just brush it off as aesthetics but that doesnt seem like an option on this car.
  2. We changed the following
    Front splitter & diffuser , (under the car you can not see it) for more down force
    Front fender lips, help with air direction from the wheel exits
    Front side fences to help direct air
    Vents over the rear engine bay for heat
    Rear diffuser for read down force & drag
    Rear spoiler for downforce and drag
    Rear Fasca with more openings in the rear, and built in difussrs (the long groove you are asking about) for downforce and drag reduction
    Rear trunk lid for heat venting
  3. He's still around! SAR, I know the 06 S7 hasn't changed from the 05, but will the 07 S7 (will there be an 07 S7?) have any significant changes?
  4. Oh yes there will be a 07, and you never know what you might see out of us
  5. Oh, goody. May I assume it is worth my while to bust my ass up to the NAIAS this year?
  6. I love the S7. Make all the performance improvements you want, just don't mess with its sexy body.
  7. Saleen rocks!
  8. Every single post you have made so far is basically: *** rocks! *** is so fast! *** is pretty fast! *** looks cool!
  9. He is a troll. Hard to believe, but some people post BS just to get their post count up. Some morons actually think, just because you have 3,000 posts, that makes you know more about cars. I assume SAR has some ties to Saleen, and does not have 3,000 posts, but I could bet he knows more than most on here. By the way SAR, I love Saleens. It's about time someone proved American exotics can be made, and made well.
  10. SAR is the head engineer for the S7 project. Also, look at Wheelman and PandaBeat. Both over 60K posts, and their knowledge of cars isn't godlike, in fact, far from it.
  11. Also, I got my renewal from Road and Track. It came with a card of their "Performance Kings". Of the 6 catagories Top Speed, 1/4 Mile, Slalom, Braking from 80, Horespower, and 0-100MPH, Saleen S7TT took 4 of the 6 top spots. It beat the likes of the Enzo, McLaren F1, and Carrera GT in Horespower, 0-100MPH, 1/4 mile , and Top Speed. All the stats were compiled from Road and Tracks 2006 Road test summary. I would say thats a nice crowd the Saleen is running with.
  12. Hard to believe that once upon a time his company only tuned Ford Mustangs to now have this synonymous with his name! Plus its racing pedigree its reaching in EuroLeMans and LeMans racing series!

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