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  1. for those of you in the us of a, post your sat scores.

    fyi, reading average:501 (?) math:515 writing:494

    I took it in 7th grade as part of the duke tip program, and i scored 710 in math, 480 in reading, and 500 in writing.
  2. i didnt take it
  3. not even in 11th grade? or are you not that old?
  4. im 24.

    i just never signed up to take it
  5. oh
  6. wow, thats good.
  7. prolly like 2000 or something
  8. Higher than yours.
  9. Higher than F1LM
  10. i know 5 or 6 people that got 1600. i probably would have done the same
  11. ;_;
  12. Like, a 1060 or something.
  13. I got a 24 on my ACT, I think.
  14. I got a 32 on the english part of my ACT
  15. 1413 SAT (technically 2120/2400, as the scale was changed the year I took it)
    33 ACT
  16. I had to take the old ones AND the new ones. I was pissed about that.

    EDIT: And I did worse on the new one, which sucked even more.
  17. The average on is like 1598.
  18. 1210

    590 math, 620 verbal
  19. They changed the scoring system like a year or two after I took it, so I was all like "Thanx guyz."

    No one gives two shits about SAT scores anyway, and I go to art school (lulz).
  20. ive got four more years til i actually take the real one, hopefully i can work my reading and writing up.
  21. on the news today, state average is the lowest in 8 years at 1500 something

    26 on act, considering i scored 13 on the math section ;_;
  22. How old are you, again? I knew you were a kid, but I thought you'd be old enough to have a learners at least.

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