Saturn Aura XR *pix added*

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    Saturn Aura XR

    I went to look at one of these at a local Saturn dealership today and it is an amazing value. It had the standard features: 3.6-liter, V-6 engine with Variable Valve Timing, 252 horsepower, 6-speed automatic transmission with TAPshift®, OnStar® with one-year Safe & Sound Service Plan*, StabiliTrak Stability Control, 18-inch alloy wheels and an Advanced Audio package.

    Then it also had a sunroof, XM radio, leather seating, dual chrome exhaust, and some other stuff I can't remember. I was really surprised to see the 6 speed auto with the paddle shifters on the wheel.

    All of this was around $26,000 and it looks SO good in person. Best GM car on the market right now.

    Picture gallery:

    edit: and the one I saw didn't have the gay wood trim, it had titanium looking silver trim and was way better looking
  2. Saturn Aura XR

    Yeah, this car is wicked. Would be my first choice in a car this size.
  3. Saturn Aura XR

    Looks sweet. But best GM car on the market? I wouldn't go that far. Solstice GXP looks way better, and I shouldn't have to mention the Z06.

    I like the G6 too<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  4. Saturn Aura XR

    WTF is it just me or does saturn have a very apealing line up now?
  5. Saturn Aura XR

    Those are low volume special vehicles. This one is better, this car is actually excellent.
  6. Saturn Aura XR

    Damn! That's a really nice car.
  7. Saturn Aura XR

    Yes, this is true. Well, easily then best GM sedan not including Cadillac brands.
  8. Saturn Aura XR

    It looks nice.
  9. I saw one on the road a few weeks ago, the aluminum trim looks a lot better than the ugly wood trim.
  10. was this the car that GM was supposed to bring i think a Opel to the states rebadged
  11. its a great looking car and very nicely finished.
  12. Yup.
  13. It's not really a Saturn. That's what's nice about all new Saturns.
  14. Save yourself the trouble & buy an Opel.
  15. You save the money you'd have to pay on import taxes.

    So you're just buying basically a tax free Opel. One of the best moves GM has had in recent years. It makes more sense for a global company to share designs to cut cost and R&D research.
  16. so, its a Vectra that isnt a Vectra, and the Vectra isn't that good with an interior with horrible shiny plastic 'wood'
  17. always so negative.

    its a very good car, espically on the American market.
  18. I told you that they are available with titanium looking stuff instead of the wood. Quit being so negative.
  19. besides the wood on the dash, the Vectra isn't that good, but I suppose it will be great for GM's lineup
  20. I love that interior.
  21. ^^^ that a JERK
  22. With the exception of the ION, yes...I'm so confused, and at my deepest level.
  23. Americuh stoopid
  24. Shiny wood?
  25. cause I did say that the DB7's wood looked good didn't I, that is shit too

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