Saw an AMAZING car collection today! *PICS*

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by rabbitl1, Mar 26, 2008.

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    i believe both 300 SL's are sold in favor of the big new mystery..
  3. Really? I thought he sold the roadster, but kept the Gullwing. That'd be a bummer... that thing is amazing. Best combo imaginable, black with black wheels and a red interior.
  4. my god hes got everything...what a lucky SOB
  5. Well him and his money apparently do find rare Corvettes to be special.
  6. I think it's ridiculous to criticize this guy's collection. Obviously he says, "Wow, that car is cool, I think I'll buy it." Every single person here would do the exact same thing if they had the opportunity. Sure, if he really wanted to he could amass an amazing collection of Ferrari's, etc. He just buys what he thinks is an exciting car. It may be a little over the top (the three Maserati's and the two F430's come to mind) but more power to him for doing what he wants and not listening to what everyone else wants him to do with his money.
  7. Exactly!
  8. So what you're saying is that because he has more money than he knows what to do with, we're not allowed to criticize his purchases because he likes them? I guess you/I better not criticize anyone's purchase of anything ever again. I don't care how much money he has or how many of his car are bought on a whim, I think that overall it's pretty boring/unoriginal/lame/etc. If someone wins the lottery and spends $100k on a customize H2 I'm going to say it's a lame purchase and I'll do the same with this guy.
  9. And I don't. He's allowed to buy them, I'm allowed to say it's lame. We live in a wonderful world.
  10. i think what dahldrin said is true. anyone with enough money could go out tomorrow and buy most of his collection. thats what makes it a meh collection. its cool that its so big but most of the cars arent that rare/special.
  11. All you guys complaining gotta chill. I agree some cars are not as exciting as others, but hey its his own preference. I take it he is an older guy, and has some memories with certain cars that other people don't find appealing. I agree with that, but it didnt even cross my mind to post about it. It is his collection, his money, I give him that. You, me, "that dude" most likely would have different variety, but make it happen first... Every time I see posts like this dissing something personal, envy comes to mind... He has many amazing cars as well. Hope he enjoys them all!
  12. Also I think its the large quantity of super/sports cars he owns that people loose feel of appreciation for them. Im sure if some other dude who owns Diablo and F355 posted pics of his, thread would have 15+ pages of positive comments...
  13. smellygruby, dahldrin

    It's hard to not laugh at 13 year olds on the internet LOL

    You guys say "wow" when somebody has a Gullwing, and Ferrari Daytona.... but you guys have no idea how easy for anybody with money can have one. There are always such cars for sale.

    Try to find a 426 Hemi Coronette for sale
    Try to find a '54 Stylist's Corvette to add to your collection
    There are soooo many Callaway C12's, aren't there? Nope
    2x F430's? MANY collectors/ exotic owners have both <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    How easy is it to find a Cross Ram Camaro? News Flash!!!!!!!! IT's Not
    What about a Yenko Chevelle? A COPO Chevelle? I think not
    If you want one of the two Supercharged 53 Corvettes, that is easy to replicate, isn't it? You've got to be kidding me!

    I could go on... but you guys really won't "change" your minds for some years to come... just making a big internet hero statement.

    Suffice to say.... you've been educated.

    And for the "higher volume" Muscle cars, let me know how often you come across cars that are engine, trans, chassis numbers matching. If they aren't, then they aren't worth beans no matter how many receipts you have.

    The two of you are arrogant at worst... lack education is evident.
  14. ha i dont car that youre telling me his cars are rare. the fact is most are BORING
  15. To you yes, to many others, no.
  16. true. and thats the point of a forum. people expressing opinions. the end
  17. dude i just lold real hard. Dont hate on dahldrin. im sure he's been around more rare/expensive cars than you know and he would know a thing or two.

    btw, check the scottsdale thread....
  18. smellygruby obviously backed down; wisely, I may add.

    As to dahldrin, just being around the cars doesn't mean you know anything about the market, the rarity, the enthusiasm, etc. etc. for such cars... in fact... the way he backdrafted into loving Alex' collection... where "all but the 410SA" could be considered "reproducible in any collection" ... yet in this collection.... there are numerous cars which aren't reproducible in any body's collection <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> .... let alone, the shear number of extremely hard to obtain cars.

    he just has no class, and not much taste. Thats all.
  19. i didnt back down. im just saying you shouldnt be so defensive over someone expressing their opinion. in my OPINION, his collection is boring.
  20. This argument made me laugh so much! Ya'll silly!
  21. thats not what i mean. what i meant was that he's been around a lot of people who own such cars and therefore he has knowledge about them.
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    You haven't taught me shit. Dude, I have every right in the world to criticize his collection. Besides, I said MUCH of his collection isn't particularly special and that most of it is boring. Having that many cars and apparently not having anything older than mid-'50s seems like a waste.

    A 426 Hemi Coronette for sale is impossible to find. A 426 Hemi CORONET on the other hand, isn't:

    C12s are rare, but not THAT rare (20 produced) and no matter how you slice it, it's still a modified C5 Corvette.

    Sorry, but I'm not that impressed by a pair of current production Ferraris (in the grand scheme of things/collections, they're obviously amazing cars I'd kill to have). Especially when I could go out and buy a dozen of them in town today if I had the money.

    Many of the cars you listed fall into the category of cars I mentioned earlier, rare option combos of common muscle cars. To some people that's awesome, to me, it's not. To me they're not much better than the FAR cheaper, less rare cars that are 90% the same. I don't give a shit how much something is worth because it's numbers matching and all that bullshit, I already went over that in a previous post.

    "13 year olds on the internet"? Oh come on. I don't want to get in a pissing contest, but I've been around a shitload of rare muscle cars, American cars and classic cars. This year alone I've had press credentials to Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steel, two other classic car auctions and numerous other events. In fact, maybe that's why I'm not impressed by so many of these cars. When you see SUPER-ULTRA-RARE-CORVETTE after SUPER-ULTRA... they start to seem a lot less special.

    As for saying " 'wow when somebody has a Gullwing, and Ferrari Daytona", I'd take Alex's (who I actually know) collection over this guy's in a heartbeat, regardless of how much they're worth. Just to give you an idea of some of the stuff he has (some have been very recently sold and I'm not 100% sure about some others):

    '57 Ferrari 410 Superamerica (a TRULY one of a kind car)
    '66 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C
    300 SL Gullwing
    300 SL Roadster
    Aston DB4 GT
    Daytona Spider
    Porsche 356 Speedster
    Dino 246GTS
    575 Superamerica
    Carrera GT
    Jaguar XKE OTC Series 1
    Jaguar XK120
    Maserati Sebring 3500GTi
    BMW Z8

    Again, I'm not saying this guy's collection isn't impressive, I mean, Christ, look at the size of it. I'm just saying that IMO, it's a little modern and a little unoriginal/simple. It's mostly modern supercars/exotics and every rare Corvette/muscle car he can get his hands on, and that's it. The fact of the matter is the ONLY reason you are so sensitive over this shit is that you know the guy. If you didn't, you wouldn't care and you might even agree. No one is saying it's a pile of worthless shit, they're just saying it could certainly be more interesting.

    EDIT: And I might not be the end all of automotive knowledge, but I think most people (who have been on this site more than when this guy's collection gets mentioned) can attest to me knowing my shit for the most part.
  23. Just for fun...

    Page1: Corvettes
    Page2: Corvettes
    Page3: Muscle cars mostly, all American
    Page4: Muscle cars mostly, all American
    Page5: Corvettes mostly, all American
    Page6: Corvettes, a couple modern Euro cars, a DMC12
    Page7: Exotics/supercars, all post-~2005
    Page8: Exotics/supercars, all post-~2005 (with the exception of 2)
    Page9: Exotics/supercars, all post-~2005 (with the exception of 2)
    Page10: Exotics/supercars, all post-~2005 (with the exception of 2)

    And yet you wonder why and get all butt-hurt when people say it's a little boring and unoriginal?
  24. Yeah, I agree with Dahldrin. It's nothing spectacular.
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    I agree that Alex has a great collection; just different, and unique to his tastes... not influenced by others. That is how it is similar to this collection <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    A good friend of mine has one of the other 6 275 GTB/c6's... long time friend of the family. His collection is nothing like Alex, or this collection; yet also impressive.

    Another friend, Bill, has 30some cars, few are like either the family friend's, or this one... but it is also incredible....

    Then there is Buck... who has 26 cars.... again, very few are like the other's collections... yet it is impressive.

    Then there is Harry, who may only have 8 or 9 cars; but its a great collection of cars.

    Then there is Mike, who loves corvettes, and porsches... so that is all he has. He has the money to buy those one-off custom deals; but he thinks those are boring. Go figure.

    Then there is Lane... who is the second wealthiest man I know... he has Porsche's, and that is it. Doesn't get why people would spend such money on cars like a Testerossa, or 288 Evolucion... but he could buy the matsuda collection without breaking a sweat. He also thinks those cars are boring.

    The difference is.... They all appreciate each other's collections, and are quite classy guys. I would attest that Alex is as well; as he is friends with a few of my friends. People who are great judges of character. Something it appears that you don't have much of on this message board.

    I don't presume to know you, and know that the internet is a "conch" for spewing ignorance at a whim's notice.

    As to that Coronet you listed... try finding a 68-69 (because years matter no matter what you are after from euro to us, to japanese) convertible with a 4 speed. Only one exists.... and it's in this collection. Great driving car at that!

    Can you tell me the difference between low production/ one-off custom coachwork on a Corvette vs. on a Ferrari? It's Italian. Both will pull HUGE auction block numbers.

    Just because you don't get the American classic scene, and kan speel better doesn't mean that you know shit about the market, or rarity. You complain that its too modern, but nearly 1/2 the cars are from pre 1970. Just because most of those aren't European classics makes you think it's unoriginal? People like you make me laugh.

    Many folks don't know what its like to grow up in Metro Detroit... the sights, the sounds, the fury of racing down Telegraph, and Woodward... light to light... You fit into that category.

    we cant forget you mentioning that 275 GTB/c6 .... whats the big deal, as thats just a rare option on a more common car? I mean, come on! Right? Lame.

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