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Discussion in '1995 Ferrari 456 GT' started by F U C K, Aug 10, 2002.

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    OUCH! I saw an F355 F1 Spyder about 4 months ago on a trailer; completely totalled! The owner had been driving late one night when a deer ran out in front of him. The deer hit him head on and sent the car into a ditch. The front end was destroyed beyond repair. The owner, quite a nice fellow, told me he was on his way to pick up a brand new one that day to replace it. Awful, huh? Stupid deer.

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  2. I stopped by the Ferrari Dealership last weekend and when I was leaving I a guy pulled up in his 456 GT and hit the curb. People should learn how to drive before they get a car like this.
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    hey at least hes getting a new one for free though.
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    That 456 getting crushed was hard to watch.

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