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  1. I saw this at the Houston Auto Show. It was nice.<!-- Signature -->
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    I saw a Yellow one at the Seattle International Auto Show. It was mad rad, but the guy wouldn't let me sit in it. No matter how much I bugged him. Then he let this 50 year old chick who didn't know shit about cars (and openly admitted it) sit in it. What a load.<!-- Signature -->
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    Damn that kinda sux! LMAO u have 2 be at a certain age group jes so u can sit in a supercar?!! Damn, i wonder how u felt at that car show!!
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    OMG I saw one too. It was yellow. I was in the car with my friends on Pacific COast Highway like a week ago. I screemed, OH MY GOD!! and they were like WTF!! and I said ITS A SALEEN S7. Funny thing was the driving couldn't have been older than 30 lol. It was sooooo nice though.<!-- Signature -->
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    It would be<!-- Signature -->
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    I saw this same colored one. I have a pic but I'll post it later.<!-- Signature -->
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    the one on pch was with the test drivers for automobile magazine. steve saleen let them test it out!! luckiest guys ive heard of.
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    I saw a silver one at the auto show. it was soooo cool!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Here's the Silver S7
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    i saw a maroonish redish one going down the freeway... i creamed myself on the spot <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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    Saw One!

    Sat in one over at the solid gold mcdonalds in milwuakee area in wisconsin near northridge mall. rellow. driver was only in his mid 30's.
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    wow... who would have thought there would have been so many in Wisconsin of all places... w00t w00t
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    But people who afford 400K thousand dollar cars don't eat at McDonalds...They eat caviar and live the rich life. So what was he doing at Mickey D's??????
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    damn, that nice, huh?
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    Here's the one I saw, enjoy!!
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    i hate all yank cars

    but this is one of my favourite cars of all time <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
    such a sweet look and performance stats

    ya i saw one too on I-5 on the west coast, near Seattle, i freaked out and i yelled in my friend's ear to look to the left, we almost crashed and my friend punched me in the chest...

    we followed closely and sometimes side by side for like 10 minutes until finally the saleen driver sped up to get away from us lol

    we were in a stock toyota camry(i know...ewwww) so we had no chance...
    damn if only i was in my other friend's rx7
  18. Hehe

    Was prolly hard for your buddy to drive eh? "Watch the road!!"
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    i don't know what all the hype around this car is. It's 300k. You could get a Lingenfelter Vette AND a Hennessy Viper that can take this car down.
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    I hate mcdonalds and caviar, lol.
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    lol. I like McDonalds but not caviar.
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    i have 1 there awesome and drive smoothly
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    Your obsessed with Speed and Acceleration. No care for looks brakes etc. (not saying the 800TT or Vette 427TT have bad brakes or anything) but if you were rich you'd get one too.
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    Do you have any stats for either car other than acceleration? Do you honestly think it could stay with the Saleen on a track?

    The S7 is the best of these 3 cars, no doubt about it.
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    They had an orange one at the Seattle Auto Show this year. It was behind the velvet rope along with a couple of Bentleys, a couple Lotuses, a couple of Panozes, and a Shelby Cobra remake. It was from Park Place Ltd.

    This is the exact same one I saw:

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