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    Whoa! It looks beautiful.
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    He wasted all his money on the S7 so now he has to eat at McDonalds forever.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    rich don't eat at mc donalds? haha i think not. i live in boca raton, fl, which is totally wealthy and i have seen a few bentleys and roll's ay my local mc d's. and.. caviar is GROSS!
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    There is something really wrong for people driving Bentley's to be eating at McDonalds. They should just go buy there own Mickey D's.
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    427 engine. insane

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    Saw One!

    To answer your question about why he was at McDonald's is because the Solid Gold McDonald's is a meeting place for Muscle cars, sports cars and Modified cars. On Wednesday Night all the Muscle cars gather sometimes you'll see Ferrari's and Lamborghini's

    The Solid Gold McDonalds is located about 5 mins i think north of the Southridge mall near milwuakee, WI...

    Wisconsin is home to a few billioniares like John Menards, owner of Menards, and the owner of Time Warner Cable...So if you in South eastern wisconsin dont be surprised to see a 360 modena driving down the road...
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    Dude why don't you go there and take pictures???
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    Bill Gates says his favorite restaurant is Dick's (a fast food restaurant in Seattle). It has better quality food than McDonalds, but it's still a fast food restaurant. :p
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    I thought it was called Dickey's. My gramps owns one in Dallas.
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    I SAW ONE YESTERDAY!!!! (11-14-03)

    I went with a few buddies to the 2003 Intenational Auto Show in Sacramento, CA. A Bay Area high end car dealership called Silicon Valley Auto Group ( had a display with a Lambo Murciélago, Bentley Arnage T, Aston Martin Vanquish, and a Saleen S7. This thing is an incredible site in person. My friends and I spent about and hour admiring every vent, scoop, and air intake. Its suprising to see how low this car is to the ground. The top of the S7 only came up to my belly button. We asked the guy working the display if the car was for sale and he told us that it was owned by a local business man and that he only lent them the car for the show. Seeing this car is an experience I will never forget.

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