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  1. how are dynamos shit?
  2. bike stops
    light stops

    they're stupid
  3. eh so?
  4. i've had the same LED on my bike for 6 months, haven't had to change the battery yet. it doesn't go off when I'm stationary, it doesn't make me slower, and I don't have to take it off because I don't live in a ghetto trashbin city like you apparently do.
  5. quit messing up my thread
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  7. well i do, so f00k you and how does a dynamo makes you slower? you barely notice it being there. you must have weak muscles fat american.
  8. when you have a proper bicycle that doesn't weigh 100kg, you notice a dynamo
  9. lol weakling.
  10. says you, fattie. even when you were a bit slimmer you had no muscle!
  11. its all in the legs baby, its all in the legs <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    looks like they wanted one of the bulging discs like Mavic made a little while back, but couldn't be #$%#ed to make molds for the funky shape.
  13. lol you must look like a turkey
  14. he certainly has the brain of one
  15. It's funny because ders spokes under der.
  16. I haveb't seen a dynamo since I was a kid in the 80s.
    I think the fact that an LED lamp costs $5, is the size of your thumb, has batteries that last long and don't drain your own power, it's about time to upgrade.
  17. like 90% of the bikes have dynamo's here and were THE bike nation, that says something.
  18. 90% of Americans drive 0.1km to the superWalMarket in their Chevrolet Cavaliers to buy Chee-tohs, does that mean that the3y are THE CAR NATION, ULTIMATE CARS, BEST AT MAKING CARS, THERE ALWAYS RITE
  19. yes
  20. comfy i hope
  21. Nice tape job

    How do you afford these things
  22. they are wrapped horribly, and they were $60, that's about how much a set of nitto aluminum bars are at wholesale. everybody wants the regular easton track bars, the ergo bend gets no love and consequently sells for beans money.
  23. jesus, lancervance needs to teach w00t about lifting weights and taking suppliments
  24. they are wrapped horribly.

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