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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by het, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. yeah the paddy wagon is looking good for me. I'm going to see if I can order one at cost. I might as well.
    My other option was a Surly Steamroller.. but it might be difficult to order one of those.

    Your chain length will change I think. You might have to take a link out. Not too difficult.
  2. Yea my wheels are non-machined too so I just figured I might a well not have a brake.

    Switching from a 16t to a 14t should be okay, depending how close your current setup is end of the dropouts. Typically, You can use the same chain for 3 different cogs, sometimes 4 and rarely 5.
  3. typical conversion rider thinking you need to change to take out some links because you're changing cogs. pfft.

    The Steamroller is a better bike all around IMO.
  4. i's just doing the math man. 3 moer teeth in my brain and as a function of perimeter would be about one link length.

    Yes the steamroller is better, for those surly hubs and its probably more versatile too. I am not sure if the store I can order from deals with them at all though .. and I can't afford full price <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  5. 16-14=2
  6. i thought it was 17
    stop being rude

    typical asshole
  7. I wanted a Surly too, but there nowhere near the price of $500. And I like the Kona, it seems to have a bit more relaxed geometry than most fixed gears you can by. Its similar to a regular road bike as far as I can tell. Also the handlebars are pretty wide for some reason. Mine is a 58cm, weighs exactly 20 pounds. Although it has non-stock chainring, bottom bracket, cranks, and stem. Also thats with pedals+clips+straps. And if you do get it, be ready to change the gearing right away. I can't imagine how bad the stock 42/16 must be.
  8. yeah that sounds pretty wussy actually.
    ..and its weird that they'd put two brakes and those rims on it.

    Oh well, prolly better than the dumpster crap I ride.
  9. And what is store cost on a Paddy by the way?

    As far as I remember, the wheel currently sits about at the middle of the dropouts. Haven't taken the bike out of the basement in several days due to constant rain outside! I rode 40 or 50 km on friday though, my knees are still sore lol.
  10. I mean the 46/16 I have is fine, but I like to go really fast. At any kind of normal speed it is just about perfect. I think with the 42 you would look like a retard at any kind of normal pace.

    My mountain bike has turned in to dumpster crap after being ridden all winter in the snow. Dunno how much work it needs. I'm thinking of upgrading the fork, should I just get a Dart 2/3 or Tora or something? I'm talking pretty low-end obviously.
  11. not sure, I have to talk to my friend.
  12. if your knees are sore, you need to adjust your seat.
  13. Yeah its too low. I'll adjust it next time I get out, whenever it stops raining.

    So I was: Hmmm, I could manage $155 plus shipping for a new MTB fork, but UGH stupid exchange rate:

    181.25 USD = 232.929 CAD

    1 USD = 1.28513 CAD 1 CAD = 0.778134 USD
  14. hahahahahahhahaahhahaha

  15. autophile, what is the terrain like where you live?
  16. robichan come to hellyer on saturday
  17. Ohh god, another reason not to take anything he says seriously
  18. Well I live downtown, so there aren't any big big hills. But there are plenty of small ones. And if I head north at all it gets hilly very quickly. With the gearing I have now, I haven't found any hills yet that are way too hard, except for ones that you shouldn't be biking up anyways.
  19. **** yes i'm so fUcking there.
  20. tall bike is tall. ignore the weird bar tape, im borrowing these bars for the track tomorrow. im only going to run 49/15 but ill probably move up to 49/14 or 13 as i go more.
  21. tall bike is tall. ignore the weird bar tape, im borrowing these bars for the track tomorrow. im only going to run 49/15 but ill probably move up to 49/14 or 13 as i go more.
  22. wait, wtf... that height... WTF
  23. nah that was just for fun, it will be like 8" lower.
  24. lol figured... but you've got to ask, you know? can never be sure
  25. Yea there is like 1/2" of seatpost holding that up.

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